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Dems Trying to Pass Bill To Allocate Trillions To Our Enemies!

Rep Don McCoy, is a patriot and is sending a warning to all Americans. He is trying to get the message out about a 3 trillion (yes you read that right) plan that democrats are trying to send to other countries such as Iran and other enemies rather than help American’s here at home. Our country is already in debt but we need to help Americans first before our enemies.

Under a bill introduced by dems in the house would direct the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to spend 3 trillion dollars on countries around the world. $20 billion would go to to Iran, $17 billion would go to Syria, $170 billion to the communist party of China. Most note worthy is that China is taking over Hong Kong and building internment camps ( a nice word for concentration camp) for Hong Kong Citizens who are fighting oppression. Further more they are allocating $ 75 billion for Russia. Yes the same Russia that they accused Trump of conspiring with but it turns out the dems are conspiring with Russia more.


We invite you to listen more from Don who is leading the fight against this incredibly harmful bill. #WeAreMadAsHellAndNotGoingToTakeItAnymore


Posted by Don McCoy on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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