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2020 Democratic presidential candidate “Ambulance Avenatti” advances towards prison.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate “Ambulance Avenatti” advances towards prison.
“Creepy Porn” Lawyer found guilty of extortion.

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

There was a time when everyone in Hollywood thought Michael Avenatti was the new young face of the democratic party. They thought he was handsome, intelligent, and had the charisma of a presidential candidate. Talk among those in Tinseltown was they he was the new JFK. His massive ego even prompted him to tell anyone who would listen that he was running for president in 2020 on the Democratic ticket. Those like Joy Behar swooned over him when he made an appearance on “The View”. She giggled like a high school cheerleader (even though she is than 30 years older) when he talked about his presidential ambitions and when he bashed Trump over and over. At 77, I am sure that she is the last person on Earth that “Ambulance Chasing Avenatti” wanted to be with. I keep thinking of the Saturday Night Live skit about Dusty Muffins with Betty white. Although that skit was funny, I can’t say the same about Joy Behar and the thought of her, uh never mind. The point is, she and the rest of Hollywood loved Michael Avenatti, but only because he was going after Donald Trump by representing hooker Stormy Daniels who said that the Don paid her to keep quiet about their affair.

To be upfront, Stormy signed a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to not discuss her relationship with Trump. Since neither side can speak about it due to the NDA, we will never know what type of relation that was. However, it is safe to assume that since Trump has been a playboy most of his life, it would not be surprising if it was something greater than a lap dance. However, it is his right to surround himself with beautiful women. I would say 99 percent of the men on Earth do the same.

In comes Avenatti smelling money in the air like a shark smells blood in the water. He could kill a bird with two stones. One would be to make millions off a bimbo who is not smart enough to know she is being taken advantage of (until later down the road) and the other is to lead an attack to try to discredit the president. But he failed at that. He was a dollar short and a day late.

The American people knew that Donald Trump was a playboy all his young adult life. It was no surprise to them that skeletons would come out of the closet once he announced his run for the presidency. Unless someone accused him of rape like Harvey Weinstein or harassment towards someone who worked directly for him, the public thought that his personal life was ok and elected him president. After all, how many presidents in our history of this great nation had flings? Most of them were democrats like JFK, Johnson, Clinton, etc. Unless something illegal is being accused, the fact that he did or did not have an affair is none of anyone’s business except his own family.

Fast forward, Avenatti wanted to make a quick name for himself by trying to represent Stormy. Trump had already won the presidency, so Avenatti was late to the game. He revealed nothing illegal that would take a president down and everything he brought forward was total hearsay. His goals were selfish, to make money, use his client and try to tarnish the president’s image.

However, one look at Avenatti and you knew he had no room to judge. His slimeball looks of a used car salesman gives it all away. If you were to wager in Vegas, the odds would be in your favor that something would come out about Avenatti to expose him for the fraud he is.

He first had trouble with his ex-wife, Lisa Storie who accused Avenatti of being “hot-tempered” and “emotionally abusive” in divorce documents. He granted the divorce so the juicy details were never shared further than that he was abusive.

Second Stormy Daniels claimed that Avenatti filed a defamation of character lawsuit against the President without her permission which the case was later thrown out by a judge. She also stated that Michael misused her legal defense fund and refused to be transparent on how it was being used.

Then Actress Mareli Miniutti was granted a restraining order against Avenatti and he was arrested on domestic violence charges. Felony charges were dismissed but misdemeanor charges could still be forthcoming.

Later, news came that Avenatti defrauded his partners in the coffee company “Tully’s Coffee” under his company Global Baristas where he is accused of embezzling a client’s money to pay for his own high end expenses and debts. Furthermore, he is accused of defrauding a bank by using phony tax returns to obtain millions of dollars in loans. That case is still working its way through the courts.

Also in 2019, he landed in trouble with the IRS. A federal judge in California ordered the law firm linked to Avenatti to pay $10 million to Jason Frank. Mr. Frank, a former partner, alleges that the law firm Eagan Avenatti failed to pay $4.8 million settlement guaranteed by Avenatti. The judge thought Jason was owed more for Avenatti’s failure to pay and ordered it so.

Additionally, Avenatti is being investigated for illegally obtaining bank records of Michael Cohen and accused him of fraudulent payments. The only problem is that the Michael Cohen referenced in the documents is not the same Michael Cohen that was affiliated with Trump. So now, he is looking at being investigated for improperly obtaining private bank records but also civil suits for slandering the name of the real Michael Cohen as well as exposing private data for the Michael Cohen that the bank records actually belonged to.

Avenatti also chased down Julie Swetnick who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of gang raping several women at different parties in the 1980’s. Her story was quickly discredited because her timeline did not match and her story began to change considerably. Chuck Grassley referred both Avenatti and Swetnick to the FBI for criminal prosecution after they made “materially false statements”.

He is also involved in three indictments of fraud and money laundering. Judge James V. Selna of U.S. District Court in Santa Ana California agreed that it appeared that Avenatti had broken federal and state laws by hiding $1 million from one of his ex-wives and other creditors. The judge has revoked his bail in that case and it is moving forward.

Most recently, he was found guilty on extortion of Nike by a jury. He is appealing but it is hard to overturn a jury’s guilty verdict. His conviction was based that Avenatti was not in the interest of any paid client but rather his own extortion interest. He was caught threatening Nike that he would hold a press conference in which he would expose Nike just before their earnings call unless they paid him $25 million. Avenatti threatened Nike by mentioning that he could wipe out $5 to $6 billion of its market capital if they did not pay. The FBI caught that on recording and moved forward with the case. The jury agreed by convicting on all counts.

As a result of the Nike case, the momentum is also exposing his decade of alleged financial misdeeds on a vast scale such as tax violations and evasion. Those aspects will most likely move forward in the courts as well.

He still has many more cases against him and I am sure they wont be the last. He does fit the platform of your typical democratic candidate for president though so who knows, maybe he still has a chance of winning the nomination. If not, maybe when he is sentenced to prison in June for the Nike case, he will be able to run for some sort of office among the prisoners he will share a home with. My bet though, is that he should stock up on condoms before his sentencing. Its going to be a bumpy ride in federal prison as a shady lawyer.

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