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Americans Get a Taste of Socialism First Hand

Urgent Read: Americans Get a Taste of Socialism First Hand!!!!

Thinking of voting for Socialist Dems? Think twice!!!!

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

Americans are closer than ever to voting in our first socialist president and we should stop that in it’s tracks now. All 30 plus Democratic Presidential contenders promoted the most extreme socialist ideas that Americans have ever witnessed in the history of our nation. Sure it all sounds great until you begin to wonder who will pay for it, how will it be implemented and what effects it will have once we implement.

The most socialist of all the candidates, Bernie Sanders, is expected to drop out after failing to garner any delegates from the primaries held on Tuesday of this week. Americans are waking up that his ideas will plunge us into a third world country category. Even democrats believe he is too socialist for our country. His ideas come from a typical hypocrite socialist with power that he doesn’t live by what he believes in promoting. A man with many mansions, millions in the bank and fly’s jets everywhere and has had a cushy job in politics all his adult life.

Joe Biden is not much better, he has been in politics for over 60 years. All of democratic candidates along with Biden and Bernie promoted extreme ideas like free college, medicare for all, free day care, tax the rich and give the proceeds to the poor, Green New Deal, shut down free speech of those who disagree with them through Net Neutrality Act, Doxing those who disagree with them, affirmative action rather than best individual for the job, participate in cancel culture and the list goes on.

In theory some of these ideas sound great. For example, no one wants polluted air so banning fossil fuels seems like a good idea. Until you realize how dependent society is on fossil fuel, from manufacturing to transporting patients to hospitals. Yes electric cars are becoming more and more popular but can the lower class afford the $40,000 price tag for one?

Medicare for all sounds incredible until you look at countries that are deciding who lives and who dies in order to meet the health care demands. For example, in Italy (among many places), hospitals have a shortage of life saving medication and ventilators due to the Coronavirus outbreak. They are looking at patients and having to evaluate the value of the patient’s life. When ventilators are fast becoming unavailable, they must choose between a father with young dependent kids at home or a 70 year old man with no family and therefore deciding to give the ventilator and medication to the younger man. They are playing God. But that is what socialized medicine does.

So with the Coronavirus outbreak here in the United States, we are now seeing what Socialism is like first hand. Some are not even calling it the China virus or Coronavirus because they are snow flakes and don’t want to offend where it originated from so they call it COVID-19. It doesn’t matter what you call it however, it is still deadly. Over the last few weeks, we started to see panic as Americans rushed to hoard food and supplies. Day by day it is getting worse. We are now seeing hospitals close to full capacity and we are not even close to the expected infection rate. For example, the Baltimore mayor Jack Young released a plea to their community to stop shooting each other in gang wars because they are taking up much needed space for Coronavirus patients. Hospitals are already too full with patients from before the outbreak. If your familiar with insurance you well know they stop paying after a certain period of time to help cut hospital stays short as possible.

We are seeing rationing occur for every day necessities such as food and water. Store shelves are totally empty and look like we live in Venezuela. We as Americans only previously saw this occur during hurricanes and only in certain parts of the country for a few days. Now we are seeing it go on for months. We are seeing Americans get into fist fights over toilet paper and bystanders simply grabbing their cells to record the fight rather than try to help break it up. They immediately post to the internet in hopes of going viral rather than helping another human out.

We are also seeing cities on lock down. In Phoenix, the idiotic socialist democrat mayor,  Kate Gallego, forced bars, restaurants and movie theaters to close for business. We are seeing some business only deliver or offer drive thru pick up. Kate won office by saying she will help the poor, yet the very state of emergency she enacted will impact the poor the most. Those with lower income often live pay check to pay check and cannot afford to hoard food. They regularly have to dine out and now they can’t even do that. If they do, they have to go through services like grub hub who charge and additional delivery fee that cuts further into their budget. She also is hurting the very business that rely on minimum wage employees. Now that their business is reduced, layoffs will follow impacting those who need work the most. Yet Kate will be uneffected as she has security, private drivers, lives in a house that most of her constituents cannot afford. Typical hypocrite socialist.

Stores after stores, like Costco are limiting social distancing by either closing or limiting the amount of people in the store at one time. In this photo taken today at Costco, you can see the long lines that are forming for shoppers. Very reminiscent of socialist Cuba, Venezuela or the former U.S.S.R. Costco CEO Craig Jelinek enacted a new policy of “controlling the number of members” allowed in each store. While it seems like they are helping with social distancing(in the store), but they are forgetting that they have long lines outside their stores where people stand close together as they wait for a chance to buy much needed food and supplies. This invalidates their social distancing imitative but does help with preventing fights or panic among the customers.

Walmart and grocery stores like Fry’s (Kroger) have empty shelves and long waits.

Now Americans are finally getting a taste of what it is like to live in a third world country with socialism. NBA, PGA, March Madness, Movie theaters, bars, restaurants, any place over 50 people are being eliminated. Most believe it will only be temporary but no one can be for certain. It all depends on the much needed vaccine development or the virus to subside on its own.

So for those of you thinking of voting for a socialist democrat this campaign season, we here at America Against Hollywood ask that you think twice. Just look at what is happening in our society with all of our freedoms being eliminated, quarantines, entertainment and sports function cancellations, job layoffs, business closures, food and medication shortages, essential daily supplies hard to find, travel bans, boarder closures, hospital crowding, doctors choosing who lives and who dies through treatment, citizens fighting each other for every day essentials. Do you think the hysteria is an overreaction? Think again! Just look what has happened in just the last 48 hours here in America and it is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Once we are back up and running, we will need to reevaluate our dependency on foreign countries like China for our food and medical supplies. We should always have several options for sourcing and not be reliant on any one foreign government.  If we were ever to go to war, other than a trade war, we would be impacted greatly. We should have learned this lesson back in WWII. We should also develop protocols to help with future states of emergencies. As you can see now, we are struggling just with a virus. Imagine if it were something worse. Yes, America will overcome this current tragedy but we must learn from our mistakes and adjust. Socialism essentially kills. Remember that, come this November. #KeepStrongAmerica


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