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Bernie Wants You to Wait in Lines for Food Rather Than Earn a Living

Bernie Wants You to Wait in Lines for Food Rather Than Earn a Living

Bernster Praises Long Lines for Daily Necessities.

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

If you are feeling the Burn for Bernie, you may want to reconsider. He believes you are better off waiting in long lines for food and daily necessities. In the unearthed video below, you hear a much younger Bernie praising socialism and long lines for food. In his twisted theory, people should wait in long lines for the government to ration what every day Americans need such as gas, food, medication clothing, and other items. He believes that lines are a good thing to keep the rich (like himself) from hoarding all the daily necessities from the poor. Does he not realize that people are waiting in long lines today in socialist countries and many of those people are dying? What he believes is dangerous. Its not dangerous to the rich, they will always get their food. It is dangerous to the poor who would have to wait in long lines or even perish by starving to death. Every time a moron socialist politician like Bernie touts a socialist idea like this, it only hurts the poor. Like his idea to ban all fossil fuels. He must think that the poor, some that make less than $25,00.00 per year will be able to buy a Tesla that is on average a cost of $35,00.00. If all of their income went towards an electric car, they would still be short and not have enough for rent or food.

For those of us who know history, long lines are not a good thing. Just look at Cuba, Stalin’s U.S.S.R, today’s Venezuela and even North Korea. Do those people look happy standing line line for food or medication? How about clean water or electricity? I have several good friends and family from Venezuela who would disagree with Bernie. People are not better off waiting in lines. I guarantee that Bernie would not wait days at a time in a line in Venezuela to buy baby formula or toilet paper only to find out once you get to the front that the store ran out. One of my friends tells me of a story where his family had to drive around the city of Caracas in Venezuela for his grandmothers life saving medicine. I have another friend who had to take a bus across the boarder into Columbia to buy medication. You heard that right, walk. He had to travel several hundred miles to Columbia to buy necessities for his family and not get them confiscated on the way back across.

Bernie wants to start a war between the rich and the poor for his own political benefit. Study after study has proven that lower income brackets succeed more when upper brackets are doing well. Charities see more donations when “the rich” are doing well economically. The poor do better when the economy is strong  and bringing in more revenue. However, when you tax the rich, they simply leave. Look at the corporations who have moved to other countries to reduce wages and material costs. Look at businesses that are automating in order to cut costs of force $15.00 minimum wage increases. Look at the mom and pop small business closing at record rates in areas of high regulation. Look at the largest democratic states like New York, California and Illinois where citizens are moving out in droves because they can no longer afford to live there. Even if they do want to live there, the hand out programs are taking a toll on the cities as homelessness rises.

We here at America Against Hollywood want to tell Bernie and his followers “Don’t Venezuela our United States!”

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