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Biden Gaffes Continue to Pile Up, But They Also Expose His Sinister Side

Biden Gaffes Continue to Pile Up, But They Also Expose His Sinister Side


Over the last year, actually many years, we have listened to “Jim Crow Joe Biden” emit gaffe after gaffe. The liberal media never calls him out on it either. They give him a free pass. Some of the Gaffes are hysterical to listen to but then the realization sinks in that this man is running for president. We should all be scared, very scared. If he were ever to win, he would have his finger on the nuclear button.

Some of his funniest gaffes are like when he recalled sitting around the TV to listen to Roosevelt’s fire side chats during WWII. Just one big problems is that homes did not have TV’s until more than a decade later. Those chats were only heard over the radio at the time. How about “we choose truth over facts”. Another good one is when Hillary was running for president and he said “Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be Vice President of the United States than I am”. Um she was running for president, not VP and your telling people that she is more qualified than you at any level. How about when he told a supporter “your a lying dog faced pony solder”. He even said it again just this last week to another supporter. We here at America Against Hollywood wonder what that even means other than he is calling someone a liar. Another gaffe is when he told a wheelchair bound state senator, Chuck Graham to stand up when he introduced him. Doh!

But some of his gaffes are downright racist. One in particular, “you cannot go to a 7 Eleven or a Dunken Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” He even screwed that one up. What he meant to imply is that only Indians (East) work at those places when most are very very successful. Many are in all types of jobs like doctors, technology, lawyers and even politicians. Instead he even butchered his own racist remark by saying you cannot go to those places unless you have an accent. Or how about his recent interview telling black voters if they have to think about voting for him, then “they ain’t black”. Or “poor kids are just as talented as white kids”. Even scarier is that he received applause from his liberal audience supporters. Um there are poor white kids as well and not all other ethnicities are poor. However, he somehow always gets a pass from other liberals and the fake news media.

But on a serious note, some of his more frightening gaffes come from speech excerpts concerning his 94 crime bill that he authored which has incarcerated black men on a enormous scale. It even provided financial incentives to keep them behind bars and went even further by letting the government take away any property they have. However rather than hear it from us, hear it from  him directly.



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