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Biden Needs Notes to Remember Talking Points About His VP Pick

Biden Needs Notes to Remember Talking Points About His VP Pick

Things are getting serious folks. We here at America Against Hollywood wonder why no family or close associates are stepping in to help Joe Biden and his obvious dementia.  Recently, he has mad gaffe after gaffe. At times they are funny like when he mentioned that he sat around the TV with his family to listen to Franklin Roosevelt talk about the bombings at Pearl Harbor but the TV wasn’t even in American homes yet. However things are getting more and more serious. He often makes reference to cities that he is not even speaking in. He introduces his sister as his wife and vice versa.  But things have escalated. Just like so many dementia patients, they often turn to anger because they can’t explain what his happening to them or understand what is occurring in their environment.

Biden has recently lashed out at his own followers calling them lying dog faced ponies and other things. He has anger burst out against media members who are throwing softball questions at him because they too are his supporters. He blew up at one reporter saying “why, why why”, repeatedly to  that reporter. Just days ago he yelled at a reporter for asking if he has taken a cognitive test and said no he doesn’t, only days after telling an audience that he takes them often. He then turned the tables on the black reporter mentioning that it would be like him taking a drug test for being on crack. Not only was it racist but it was a flip flop on a legitimate question since he himself brought it up.

Now Jill Biden is sitting in for Joe on TV interviews. We wonder why he is unable to attend those interviews filmed in his own house himself. At first he was social distancing in his basement but that was in March. Does he still need to social distance from his own family almost 5 months later? His wife is no spring chicken, she is elderly also and is only 7 years younger than Biden and neither have any publicly known per-existing conditions. So why is she filling in for him? Is it because she too knows he is gaffe prone and has  dementia? If so, we wonder what kind of wife would allow her husband to continue to run for president rather than hand over the reins to someone more capable.  Most people would think that she would want to spend quality time with him rather than seek the power of becoming a first lady. We here at America Against Hollywood believe that power is just too intoxicating for some people where they will even through their own loved ones aside for a chance at becoming more powerful. Jill reminds us of Hillary Clinton but on a less corrupt scale.

This week as you may know, Biden finally announced his running mate for the VP position. He has announced Kamala Harris who has often referred to him as a racist but now suddenly forgets that he is one since she is steps away from power herself. At least this time, she didn’t have to sleep her way to the top. Before you send hate comments, it was the former mayor of SF, Willie Brown, that accused her of that. He apparently has stated he had first hand experience by having an extra marital affair with her. Very interesting considering Brown is 87 and Kamala just turned 55. It can be said that she didn’t have sex with him for love or his youthfulness for sure.

During his announcement via computer, he broke the news to Harris that she was his choice for VP. During that announcement, his staff posted some pics on Instagram where it revealed that not only was Biden did not know how to use his phone but he needed a cheat sheet for talking points on why he selected Harris as his running mate. The cheat sheet has an opening line statement of “I’m calling you today because….”.  Is he that bad that he needs a reminder on why he is calling her?  Additionally during a separate speech with Harris he held another cheat sheet that said “do not hold grudge against Kamala”. He now has to be reminded to not be mad at her for exposing his racism during the debates. Someone is pulling the strings.

Twitter users were quick to notice.

Like we said at the beginning, we here at America Against Hollywood wonder why no family or close associates are stepping in to help Joe Biden and his obvious dementia. Whether you agree with his politics or not, it is just sad to see a person with obvious signs of dementia is being used as a political pawn and not even his wife is stepping in to help.


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