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#BlackVoicesForTrump Movement Gains Steam

#BlackVoicesForTrump Movement Gains Steam

The black community is participating in a movement like never seen before. #WalkAway and #Blexit are seeing thousands of new participants join. People are beginning to look at the facts rather than passionate opinions narrated by liberal politicians and celebrities for the last 60 years.

With all of the riots, burning, violence occurring, many communities that have been run by democrats for over 60 years are starting to wonder why there are so many empty promises by their politicians and nothing ever seems to change. In fact, in most cases, things are getting way worse.

In most cases, we see politicans like Chuck Shummer,  Nancy Pelosi,  Maxine Waters and Joe Biden who claim if you elect or re-elect them, they will bring change. The problem is that they have been in power from 30 up to 60 plus years and have done nothing for their communities. Crime has skyrocketed, liveable wages and housing has plumeted, education systems have faultered all at the hands of these Dem leaders.  Mayors and council in the top 20 highest crime cities in the united states all have one thing in common, they are all democrats. There is one independent and one recently elected republican but all of these cities have been run by democrats from 20 years or in some cases more than 60 years like Baltimore. In Chicago, dems have controlled local politics for the last 100 years. Almost all of these cities have had severe cases of political corruption as well. All while the citizens suffer.

However, Americans in these cities are waking up. They are beginning to look at the facts and #WalkAway from the democratic party. Maxine Waters for example has been in office for 15 terms or almost 30 years. She went in as a politician with one of the lowest incomes to become one of the wealthiest. She currently earns $178,000 per year as a congresswoman but somehow is able to own several homes. One of her mansions was valued at $2.5 million when she bought it in 2004 but is now estimated to be worth over $4.5 million. She doesn’t even live in her own district which sees an average household income of just $45,000. Even with her retired husbands NFL pension, the numbers just don’t add up to afford such luxuries.

Shummer, Biden and Pelosi also went in as some of the lowest income members of congress but are now some of the wealthiest.  Biden was actually almost broke as he left his VP role and is now worth over 10 million dollars (on paper but estimated to be much more).

All of the communities these politicians represent are ares with high taxation, crime that is quadruple other districts in the nation,  high unemployment, and major corruption. Many leaders have had to resign and some have even been sent to prison for their crimes. Residents are saying enough and walking away.

We offer you this short but succinct clip below that explains how voters are waking up and walking away from the democrats in droves. Especially after all the violence, killings, crime and corruption going on these days.



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