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Bloomberg Wants to Take Your Guns, But…

Bloomberg Wants to Take Your Guns, But…

But not give up his armed security because he is rich and receives death threats

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

Hypocrite Mini Mike Bloomberg is at it again. He was exposed for his hypocrisy at a recent town hall and his response was an epic fail. He was asked by an audience member, Clark Chitty, “Does your life matter more than mine or my family’s or these people (audience)?” He just dug himself deeper and deeper while trying to explain why he should have armed security and every day citizens of the United States should not. In typical celebrity irony, Mini Mike responds that he is rich and can afford armed security. He tries to further explain that his armed security is trained. He further elaborates that he receives death threats for being the mayor of New York.

Lets address each of these:

First, because he is rich, he believes the threat to his safety is more than the average American and therefore he needs security. Sorry but average Americans come across threats to  our safety more than wealthy citizens. It is the general public that must walk the streets and face threats to our safety every day.

Second, he tries to explain that his security team are highly trained. Does he not think that American citizens who own guns do not enroll in gun safety courses or even go practice shooting? Even criminals practice most likely know how to use a gun as much as a highly trained security member. In his response, he realizes he is going deeper and responds that many members of his detail are former cops. So are cops the only people who should have guns? What about citizens who are mugged or raped? It’s not the cops that we are worried about having guns, its the every day citizens who are threatened by criminals who steal guns and rob us. Law abiding citizens need help defending themselves.

Third, he states he receives death threats as mayor of New York. Um, sorry but he is no longer mayor. Any threat to him is not going to get anything accomplished in New York. He makes it seem as though people are threatening his life so they can change the way New York is run.

With his stop and frisk tape being exposed a week earlier, Racist Mike explains that police should throw minorities up against the wall and frisk them for weapons simply because of their racial profile. Is it not these same people who might need guns to protect themselves from the high crime in their neighborhoods? We are not saying that only minorities are victims of crime either. It transcends all economic backgrounds but the very ethnic minorities he wants to stop and frisk are those who face high crime in their neighborhoods. I seriously doubt that Mini Mike has ever walked alone somewhere on a street and been mugged.

His response to Mr. Chitty was an epic fail. I think even Mini Mike new as his mouth spewed more he was killing his own chances at becoming president. You cant tell the citizens of America, “Do as I say and not as I do!”

We as Americans have the right to bear arms and the right to protect ourselves and our families. It was our founding fathers who derived the second amendment to help us do just that. But most importantly,  they could see how governments and leaders around the world in their time would enforce tyranny on it’s citizens. The right to bear arms was a vision that they believed would protect Americans from ever living under a government that would terrorize it’s citizens. Mini Mike seems to forget that politicians work for the people and the people do not work for them.


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