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Bryan Lewis “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again”

Bryan Lewis “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again”

Song writer bucks hypocritical music industry

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

This weeks Gold Star goes to Bryan Lewis who is a Country singer songwriter. He is calling out liberal celebrities on their hypocrisy just like we do here at America Against Hollywood. His latest song “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again” is pure gold and exposes those hypocritical elitists that today’s Celebs are.

You might know Bryan for his previous songs “Take This Country Back” and “I Think My Dog’s a Democrat”. However, your going to love his latest. Below is a link to watch a live version of his newest song, “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again”. His song has already hit over 300,000 views. We now just need to get him to film a high-quality video for his latest song so it can go viral.

He begins by introducing his song and the audience clearly doesn’t like the title as they groan in unison. However, he promises, “just wait” with a devious smile. By the end of the song, the crowd is going wild with approval.

Some of the liberal irony he points out is that liberals like to tell Americans what to do but they themselves do not follow what they say. Here are examples in his lyrics that Bryan shares that will make him consider voting democrat again are as follows:

“When Bernie Sanders takes a dime from his own pocket… When AOC can speak like her IQ sounds
more than 10…. Maybe I’ll vote Democrat again.”

“They got this freak show they call Beto who pretends he’s Mexican, When the pope gets close, I bet
mayor Pete takes it on the chin” …

“When someone tells Kamala Harris that she can’t sleep her way in…when I see Liz Warren’s teepee, I’ll
vote democrat again”.

Listen to the rest for more candid truth.

It is great to see democrats like Bryan Lewis #walkaway from the current Socialist Democratic party. We
here at America Against Hollywood could not agree more and that is why we honor artists like Bryan
who call out Hollywood and Democrat elitist for their hypocrisy.

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