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Could George Lopez be any more stupid?

Could George Lopez be any more stupid?

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

How many times do we have to read a story where the secret service is investigating someone for threatening President Trump or others? Do they not learn that stating such threats will cause a visit from the Secret Service? Yes, there is something great here in the U.S. called freedom of speech. However, that freedom does not protect threats, libel or slander. Most important of those, are threats.

Time and time again, we see celebrities, especially those who believe they are smarter than most people on the planet, issue a tweet, spoken comment or caught on video threatening people, especially President Trump. They seem to forget the previous celebrities before them getting in trouble. We will call it the “Griffin” effect. This is where celebrities have an Alzheimer’s moment and forget about other celebrities such as Kathy Griffin making threats towards a politician and then hearing a knock on their door by the Secret Service. In case you forgot too, Kathy Griffin was in hot water after posing for a ISIS style photo shoot where she held a faux decapitated head resembling Donald Trump. We here at AAH know our readers are very intelligent and do not forget such occurrences and would not be ignorant enough, like some has-been celebrities. to post such threats. Why can’t celebrities remember?

Case in point, George Lopez took to Instagram to issue a veiled threat stating that he would assassinate Trump for half the price that Iranian authorities offered for Trump’s head ($80 million). Iranian authorities mentioned the bounty after Trump ordered the drone strike that killed the brutal assassin/terrorist General Qasem Soleimani. The 58-year-old Lopez and has-been comedian followed in the footsteps of another washed up comedian, Kathy Griffin by issuing the statement which his camp said was meant to be a joke. Doesn’t that sound just like what Kathy Griffin said?

The ironic part is that George often complains about Trump for using twitter to promote hate. But instead of taking a higher road, he proved that Darwin’s Theory of survival of the fittest is alive and well by issuing an actual threat. His career just took a final nail to the coffin. No one will be hiring him anytime soon. Then again, when is the last time he did any worthwhile work? Oh yeah, he does have a gig at a Casino in Arizona coming up in February. Everyone knows your career is over when you can only book at an obscure Casino and on top of that, that you sell tickets on such sites as Groupon for half price. With just 5 days to go, you can still buy front row seats to his show. That speaks volumes.

Speaking of, George seems to love casinos. He was arrested for public intoxication back in February of 2014 at a Canadian Casino where he was so drunk, he passed out on the casino floor.

Should we expect more class from George? Not really, this is the same guy who divorced his wife of 17 years, even after she donated her kidney to him. His wife Ann has always taken the high road and not commented on the divorce but did discuss George coming from a very dysfunctional family.

He was also booed off a stage in October 2017 after making several crude jokes about President Trump. He then turned his anger towards Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei, who had donated 250K to the charity event that George was at. George told him “Thank you for changing my opinion on old white men but that doesn’t change the way I feel about orange men.” After Greg asked that he not tell jokes about Trump and think of the greater good of the charity instead. Not only does George discriminate against someone’s age but also his ethnicity. Imagine if a Trump had said this same thing on stage. He further added “…. So, I apologize for your white privilege.” Again, could you imagine if someone said this to

When George’s personal life is so jacked up, its no wonder he wants to lash out at others. However, you would still think he would have enough brains to not issue a threat towards a president.

The Secret service did issue a statement regarding the threat. “The Secret Service is aware of the post made by Mr. Lopez” “The Secret Service takes all threats against the President and or any of our protectees seriously, and as a matter of practice, we do not comment on matters involving protective intelligence.” a U.S. Secret Service representative told the Daily Caller.

Do you think that other celebrities are going to learn from this? Probably not. As Ricky Jarvis mentioned at this years Golden Globes, many celebrities have less of an education than Gretta Thunberg.

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