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Democrat presidential contenders are not leaders in civil rights as the would have you believe their party members are.

Democrat presidential contenders are not leaders in civil rights as the would have you believe their
party members are.

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

Anyone watching the Democratic Presidential Debates would believe that Democrats are the leaders in civil rights. However, those who know history, know better. It was actually the democratic party that is responsible for squashing the rights of minorities since our country was born. It is ironic that the current Democratic presidential contenders would have you believe that it is the Republican party who is Misogynistic, Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic among other evil characteristics. But time and time again, look at historical facts. It is the opposite, It is the Democrats who are all of these qualities. Case in point, it was a democrat woman who started Planned Parenthood in an effort to abort babies of color and also sterilize women of color to prevent more births. It was a Democratic president, Woodrow Wilson who hosted a premier showing of the extremely racist “Birth of a Nation” movie in the White House which also increased the movement of the Ku Klux Klan.

This week’s walk of shame goes to all the Democratic Presidential Candidates who are trying to rewrite history by having you believe they are the champions of the Civil Rights movement and Republicans are racists but the opposite is true. The Below is a discussion of the Civil Rights movement. All facts are sourced below. You be the judge, who is more racist, the Democrats or the Republicans?

Civil Rights: Republican votes versus Democrat votes per capita of available elected position votes

Overview: Democrats will have you believe that they are the champions of Civil Rights. However,
Congressional vote totals per capita tell a different story that Republicans overwhelmingly supported Civil Rights over Democrats beginning with the Emancipation Proclamation and through 6 major Civil Rights Acts starting in 1863 through the mother of all Civil Rights Acts 1964.

Note: Per Capita is defined as the number of votes by either party affiliation in comparison to the total allowable votes. In other words, sometimes Democrats control both houses and sometimes Republicans control both houses. In those cases, you can only consider the possible amount of votes any given party can possibly vote.

Using 1964 as an example. If there are 253 Democrats elected out of 431 possible elected positions, the Democrats in this case cannot tally more than 253 votes as the remainder votes belong to the
Republican Party. Conversely, Republicans cannot vote more 178 votes. Therefore, you must take the total votes provided by either party divided by the possible votes by either party to develop a per capita voting percentage.

Vote breakdown of 1964 Civil Rights Act H.R. 7152 (passing amended senate bill) for final singing of
President Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson. There were 431 total votes possible for 88th

Democrat votes: 153 Yea, 91 Nay, 2 Present, 7 not voting = 253 (59 total percent control of votes)

– Of 59 percent of the total vote, Dems voted 60 percent for passing civil rights and voted 40
percent against (including present and not voting which is essentially a no vote).

Republicans votes: 136 Yea, 35 Nay, 2 Present, 5 not voting = 178 (41 total percent control of the votes)
– Of 41 percent of the total vote, Republicans voted 76 percent for passing civil rights and voted
23 percent against (including present and not voting which is essentially a no vote).

Summary: Republicans voted 76 % in favor of passing the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and only voted 23 % voting against. In contrast, Democrats voted only 60 % in favor of passing and voted a whopping 40 percent against the bill. Republicans voted 16 percent more in favor of the bill and dissented 17 percent less than the Democrats. This bill would have never passed without such a strong majority of supporting votes.


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