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Dems Halt Life Saving Aid To Americans

Dems Halt Life Saving Aid To Americans

We will remember in November!

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

So Nervous Nancy Pelosi and Cryin Chuck Shummer have stabbed Americans in the back. They realize that President Trump has pulled the rug out from under them by overturning all of their self serving policies they created over the years. Now while Americans are getting sick, dying, losing jobs, unable to afford living day to day anymore, Trump and Republicans are trying to release a much needed stimulus package to Americans. The 1.8 trillion stimulus package rumored to give money back to the American citizens anywhere from $1000 or more, will help Americans with bills, food and rent. Yes, I said back. After all, the money belongs to the citizens and not Chuck and Nancy which they believe.

However, Nancy, Chuck and their pals are still angry that Trump won the presidency and are putting politics over American lives. At the last minute, Nancy and Chuck have inserted the most ridiculous requirements into the stimulus package. If Trump signs, it will reinstate much of the democratic giveaways that grown the debt. These giveaways target specific groups in a quid pro quo fashion. They want to feed money to special interest groups to help further their chances at the ballot box rather than helping those in need during such dark times.

1) Unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions – This goes against anyone who is non union and the recent supreme court ruling that those not in unions should not have their dues or tax dollars support a union if they choose not to. Nancy and Chuck want this in hopes of union endorsements in the fall but Trump is right to not sign this into law. For us average Americans, we would rather have the money directly to our accounts instead of making unions more powerful and pushing the democrats into office.

2) Increased fuel emissions standards for airlines – Nancy wants the airlines to meet a 50% reduction in emissions. Airlines are already hurting and are expected to go bankrupt by June if they do not see a upswing in travel or the economy soon. Putting in place tougher emission standards would kill the industry for sure. Our economy depends on the airline industry for work, holiday and commercial shipping. Putting tougher standards on a car versus an airplane are completely different. We have electric cars but we do not have a steady stream of electric planes yet in development much less production. Not only would this requirement kill the airline industry, it would kill the U.S. economy.

3) Expansion of wind and solar tax credits – We have seen all solar companies that were promoted under the Obama admin go bankrupt (Solyndra, etc.).  Why would we want to infuse money into this industry when it failed during good economic times on their own? Additionally, where are the environmentalists when it comes to protecting bird species what are being killed at an alarming rate on wind farms?

4) Return of Obama phones. This was a scam to begin with. Not only did it make Carlos Slim the worlds richest man by giving him $10 for every Obama phone provided, it raised our U.S. debt while giving non-essential texting machines to lower income Americans. Even democrat Claire McCaskill spoke against this program as it had no over-site. Watchdog groups proved that many higher income Americans abused the program while it was shown to provide no benefits to lower income users either.

5) Eliminate U.S. postal service debt. The USPS is a perfect example of why unions do not work. They pay incredible amounts of money to workers but stick it to the consumer and they still go into the red. With the postal service going bankrupt for the last 20 years, we need competition not bailouts.

6) Require same day voter registration. What does this have to do with the Coronovirus? People are dying and the dems just want more votes.

7) Pay off $10,000 in student loan debt per person. This is a bubble that is on the horizon but free loan money is not the answer. Degrees will become worthless if we turn them out faster than a factory. Also, what about those people who did pay their loans back through hard work? How would they be handled? This is a tactic to gain voters pure and simple but it will add more to the national debt and future generations as well as collapse the economy.

8) Restrict colleges from reporting citizenship status of students. What does this have to do with the Coronavirus? Additionally, even if it did somehow, we as Americans, want more transparency not hidden facts from since we are paying tax dollars to colleges and universities.

9) allocate $35 million dollars for the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Um sorry but unless they are turning the center into a Coronavirus triage to help people, we should not be allocating any funds to this center.

All of these things are completely unrelated to the Coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, when companies have a choice between loans for bailouts or accepting expensive collective bargaining with unions, they will chose not to take the loans which will in turn cause massive layoffs and even business closures. The American people need relief right now and the dems are playing with lives. The longer they delay approving the stimulus package by trying to get their special interest political gifts added to the bill, the more Americans will die and the more the economy will collapse. But ultimately that is what they want, a collapsed economy so Trump will not win re-election. However, Americans are wise to the games of the dems. We will remember in November!


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