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Extreme Left Silences Teacher For Making a Factual Statement

Extreme Left Silences Teacher For Making a Factual Statement

Liberal indoctrination continues in our schools. From rewriting history, to erasing history, to pushing agendas to eliminating those who speak facts. We have many liberal educators who are saying they are tolerant but they always expose themselves as only tolerant with those who agree with them.

Case in point, Teacher and Coach Justin Kucera was fired by a Michigan school district after he pointed out that “Trump is our president” on Twitter. He did not say he supported Trump or say anything political other than he was our president. He did agree with Trump that schools should open this fall. That was the ticket that started the trouble.

You see, educators and teachers unions want schools closed just to politically reduce the chances of Trump’s reelection. There is no evidence to support opening schools would be dangerous to children. You see,  statistics show that hardly  anyone under the age of 40 is impacted severely to Covid. Most don’t even show symptoms but if they do, it is typically no worse than the common cold. However, if we can keep Home Improvement stores, Walmart, Costco’s, Liquor stores, abortion clinics open all while supporting the riots as well, we can certainly allow kids back to school. They cannot afford another year of missing school. The U.S. is already way behind education standards of other countries. If we keep the schools closed, we would also be one of the only western cultures to do so.

Of course we can take precautions just like we do with other areas of society, social distancing, testing, keeping sick individuals at home and temp readings to name a  few.  But the liberal educators won’t hear of it. They want the schools closed, even though as parents return to work, they will have to find a way to have their kids watched by someone if they are ordered to stay home. This would impact lower income families the most. They would not be able to afford child care or miss out on work.

Coach Kucera is a very popular teacher as well as coach. Parents and students were shocked to hear he had been fired and have come to his defense. Many calling him “apolitical” and a very supportive mentor and teacher. The Walled Lack School district officials including the principal and the superintendent demanded he attend a closed-door meeting after he indicated his support for President Trump’s speech to reopen schools. They gave him only two choices without allowing him to defend himself, be fired or resign. However, he simply stated a fact that Trump was indeed a president. He did opt to agree with the president on how essential it is to reopen schools. Hi did not push any politics and has remained a political throughout his career.

Of course, the school district, the superintendent Ken Gutman or the principal Ali Hamka have declined to comment. We here at AmericaAgainstHollywood translate that to they want to silence opinion but not hold themselves accountable. It is also worth mentioning that other teachers have actually posted political opinions but since they were liberal opinions, they are still employed with no reprimands.

Retired teacher Paulette Loe, encouraged students to read an article from the Atlantic about “how to beat Trump” while still employed as a teacher. Nicole Estes, a kindergarten teacher in the district, called Trump a “sociopath” and a “narcissist” on Facebook in 2016 and is still employed at Keith Elementary School.

Where was the teachers union that should be defending their teacher members? After all,  hardworking teachers pay out of each pay check and do so for many years. A teachers union representative did accompany Coach Kucera to the meeting but has not commented publicly as well as the union has not attempted to defend the honored teacher.

We believe the coach should litigate this bias in court. Time and time again, teachers in his position ultimately win. We hope he wins big to set an example.

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