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Gold Star Award: Candace Owens

Gold Star Award: Candace Owens


Before we begin, we at would like to make a statement that the cop who pinned down George Floyd and contributed to his death, should be held accountable. He is no cop by any means. Cops protect people and are heros, they do not rough up people. They do not take punishment into their own hands. The other cops who stood by and watched are equally evil. No matter who the accused perpetrator is, they should not be tried without a court of law by rouge police officers. For this tragedy and loss of a human life, the cop should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for his part in the death. We want to be perfectly clear on our stance.

However, with any story, there is always two sides. You know see celebs saying they support George Floyd without even knowing anything about him. Yes his death was tragic but there is much to know about Mr Floyd. Candace Owens is the ONLY person out there who is telling the story about George Floyd. We did not know his past and most likely you do not as well. Again, we are not justifying the actions of the rouge officers but we believe the full picture should be shared and we thank Candace for helping add some pieces to the puzzle.

NFL players released a video this week saying they are “George Floyd”. They may want to change their mind once they watch the Candace Owens video. I doubt any of them are like George Floyd. We understand that they simply want police brutality to end. We all do. If the NFL players still believe they are George Floyd after watching the Owens video, we should rethink about their contracts in the NFL.

Also Celebrities are just as guilty.  They only donate money as they sit in their massive mansions.  Out of touch and with no clue about inner city life today. They do not live in looted areas. They do not know what it is like for African Americans to be profiled by police. They only play sympathetic because of their Hollywood movie experience. If they truly believe in making a difference, they would have not waited till George Floyd’s death. They would have started with doing something after the deaths of Freddie Gray, Sam Dubose Michael Brown, Walter Scott or even deaths that did not make national news decades earlier.

Liberal politicians are the same. Where were the democrats who had a Supper Majority in the house and senate under democratic president Obama. That means that no one, we mean no one could have stopped any legislation they put forth. The insanely moved forward on trying to socialize medicine and extend the National  Surveillance program rather than take on social justice reform. They did nothing even though there were plenty of examples. After 2 years of a super majority, they did nothing for the remainder of the 8 years of Obama’s double term. They seem to only want to talk about race legislation every 4 years. Once they win, they do nothing about it. Trump was able to do it in less than a year and with the house under control by dems who many fought the legislation.

We will also clarify that anyone who has committed a crime and done the time should not be held accountable if they change their ways and become upstanding citizens. Like Candace though, we agree that if you commit violent crime after violent crime, your most likely not an upstanding citizen and never will be. Again, we would like to add that no cop should harm anyone or take a life, even to the most repetitive of criminals. However, we should not put George Floyd on a pedestal like he is the new Martin Luther King.

With that being said, please expand your knowledge of the case by hearing a few more facts about the situation. Listen to Candace here while it is still up and big tech has not censored it.






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