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Gold Star Award: Finally, A Liberal Actor Makes Sense

Gold Star Award: Finally, A Liberal Actor Makes Sense

We thought we would never see the day that we here at America Against Hollywood would actually award extreme liberal actor Whoopi Goldberg our Gold Star Award. Has she seen the light and #Walk(ed)Away? Probably not. But she did see the light for this week. Hopefully she will continue to see the light and continue to move away from the extreme left.

Whoopi posted a heart felt Instagram video this week going after looters. Her main message, “You’ve destroyed too many people’s dreams”. When so many liberal celebrities are oblivious to the damage, lives lost and harm that the riots have caused on minority communities, Whoopi is actually waking up. Instead of bailing out the thugs like so many in Hollywood, she is leading by example and pleading with the rioters to stop. Unlike The Rock, she is actually trying to do something about the riots rather than playing politics and trying to stick it to Donald Trump. You can read more about our calling out his hypocritical rant here.

Whoopi goes on to describe how many Americans from all walks of life are not able to go about their lives. She believe they are now hurting the movement and most likely democrats in general.

“People are coming out and saying, ‘You know what, this is enough. Enough is enough.’ Parents — moms and dads — are walking with their kids, which is another reason why, all you looters, you need to stop. Because you’ve destroyed too many people’s dreams around the country.”

We here at America Against Hollywood want to be very very very clear that we do not support police brutality but we also believe that justice should be dealt in the courts not the press or public opinion without all the facts. Lynch mob mentality disrupts the very safety of our democracy.

Whoopi like many others are realizing that the looters are taking advantage of the tragic events in Minnesota. All Americans can agree that this was a tragedy but we also do not know all the facts yet. The looting has nothing to do with protesting the deaths of anyone at the hands of police. It is simply an excuse for thugs to do vandalize, steal and harm others.

Whoopi realizes that the looters are actually harming those who they claim to be rising up for. In other words, looters are burning business owned by African Americans among all other groups. Additionally, they are causing their own community to hide indoors as the violence goes on. Many of these citizens who were already financially impacted by Covid live pay check to pay check. Many have lost their life savings as a result of the riots. Many are also unable to go grocery shopping as those have been burnt and looted. Many pharmacies looted and also burned. Transportation in the area has essentially stopped so many who rely on it can not get to work or to the doctor.

Whoopi goes on to explain, “You have made it impossible for a lot of people to get back to their lives. So, I want, please…I know I don’t mean [squat], but I’m just saying, all you looters: Just know your grandmother — your mother’s mother, your brother’s sister, your cousin’s baby — can’t get their medication because you burned down the pharmacy. Or you burned down the bus stop.”

We only hope that Whoopi will help influence her more than 1 million followers to help spread the word that the riots must end. You can watch more of Woopi’s post here. For her effort to call out the rioters for the thugs that they are, we award Whoopi the Gold Star Award.


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