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Gold Star Award: Ice Cube Walks Away

We here at America Against Hollywood love when people wake up. Especially liberal celebrities. This week, we award our Gold Star Award to rapper Ice Cube. We can say that Ice Cube has not fully endorsed Trump per say but he has given him high marks for Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black Americans. Over the summer, Ice penned his own contract with black America. He decided to stop complaining and try to do something about creating change that would help black communities.

He reached out to the Biden campaign with his plan first and was immediately dismissed. The officially stated that they would consider meeting with him “after” the election. In other words, the Biden campaign thinks that blacks will vote lock step for Biden. However, Ice reached out to the Trump team and they met with him immediately and incorporated many of the ideas from Ice into the presidents plan. They listened and then acted in favor of his ideas.

Ice made a liberal kiss of death move by announcing on his platforms that he met with Trump and also worked with him across the isle to help develop the Platinum Plan. Immediately liberals verbally tared an feathered Ice and called him every name in the book. The trashed all that Ice built his empire on. Well, guess what, he doesn’t care. He realized the liberal hypocrites for what they are. He witnessed the cancel culture first hand. He now knows that politicians like Pelosi, Clinton, Biden and Shummer only want black votes. Once elections are over, their community concerns are swept under the rug. He realizes that you can’t say you carry a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce in your your person when you go out to eat chicken like Hillary and hope it will sway blacks to vote for you. Similarly, he woke up to the fact that Joe Biden, wrote the 1994 Crime Bill, used the “N” word over,  fought school integration or even spoke highly of KKK Grand Wizard and coincidentally democrat senator Robert Bird at his funeral. He even called him his closest friend and mentor.

Now Ice may not be “all in” for Trump but he knows he listed to his concerns unlike Biden. For his waking, we award him our Gold Star Award.


You can watch more of his comments on working with Trump here.



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