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Gold Star Awarded to Judge Judy

Finally one celebrity who vows to fight socialism here in America. Although Judge Judy (aka Judy Sheindlin) endorsed Mini Mike Bloomberg, we awarded her this week’s Gold Star Award for her promise to fight socialist Bernie Sanders and his revolution.

During a campaign stop in Oklahoma last week, she passionately said “I was born in Brooklyn, so I have Brooklyn street smarts, America doesn’t need a revolution. … It’s the most perfect country in the world and those people that are trying to change it and revolutionize it, don’t have a chance, because I’ll fight them to the death.”

Most Americans could not agree more. We value having a democracy and do not want to fall down the socialist rabbit hole that so many other failed socialist nations have. The greatest example in our current time is Venezuela. Venezuela promised everything to it’s citizens for free if they would only support a socialist government under Hugo Chavez and now Nicolas Mudro. However, we have now seen a once powerful Latin nation crumble into chaos. They promised free education, free healthcare, free everything. The wanted to pay for it by taxing the rich. Sound familiar? That is because political leaders such as Bernie Sanders, AOC and Elizabeth Warren are all promising the same things that caused so many socialist nations to fail miserably.

On a side note, we here at the America Against Hollywood family have a member who will provide first hand knowledge of the dangers of socialism. Jeorge Galicia is currently working on articles and pod casts called “Voces de Libertad (voices of liberty)” that will enlighten our valued readers on what it is like in Venezuela under socialism. The same socialism that Bernie Sanders is ignorantly promoting.

Jeorge is a political refuge who escaped near death in Venezuela simply for joining student marches protesting the government under Maduro. If you think it won’t happen here in America, think again. The millennial voters are falling for Bernie’s “everything for free and tax the rich to pay for it” promises. They are his biggest supporters. Jeorge who is in the same age bracket, is speaking around the country and joining our web site to help get the word out. Nothing is for free. We all pay for it in the end. You will be hearing more from Jeorge soon. We welcome him to our family and also you as our readers. We consider you family as well.

When the rich leave our country, move their money to tax havens off shore and move their corporations to countries like China and Mexico because of regulation and taxation under socialist programs, our economy will sink. The money to support the programs will be gone. We are currently seeing a mass exodus in New York and California for the very same reasons that people are suffering and fleeing Venezuela. The average person simply can’t afford the taxation. It is ironic that politicians like Bernie want to help the poor but it is that very demographic who loses in the end.

Judge Judy is sounding the alarm. Republicans from Regan to Trump have been warning us for years about the dangers of socialism. It is nice to see a liberal celebrity now working hard to alert Americans from her side. For that, we award her the Gold Star Award.




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