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Gold Star: Mike Rowe

Gold Star: Mike Rowe

Mike motivates U.S.A. by telling Capitalism will win war on Coronavirus

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

Mike Rowe who you may know from various commercials and also his TV show “Dirty Jobs” has been a huge inspiration to Americans by promoting the U.S.A. While many liberal celebs are constantly apologizing for America and in treasonous style stating America is responsible for all of the worlds issues. Mike takes a different view. He believes in America and that we are in fact the greatest country in the world. No other country has the freedoms we do here and we are an inspiration to others around the world. When liberal celebrities tear us down as Americans, they forget, if they lived in any other part of the world, they would not be able to have the very freedom of speech that they use to slam America. Many liberal celebs actually cheer on the struggling economy during the Coronavirus epidemic. Mainly they wish for a recession or depression just to ensure President Trump is not re-elected. Imagine that, wishing for the economy to fail so that they can take back the White House politically rather than wishing for the best interest of American through a strong economic recovery to help those in need to survive and regain jobs.

On this weeks Fox & Friends, Rowe said “We’re going to see what capitalism is really all about. When we have these big conversations about the direction the country is headed and what direction the country ought to be headed … this is a chance, unlike anything I’ve ever seen, for corporate America to step up and do what the government simply can’t do.” He continued “Obviously, the government has a primary role in this, but I don’t think they can do it alone,” Rowe said. “It’s everybody doing what they can in a way that I think could ultimately make about the most compelling case for capitalism that we’ve seen in our lifetime.”

We should learn from the greatest generation that fought for our freedom during WWII. Corporations joined in the fight by not only helping support our troops but helped Americans in general in a very tough and tragic economic time. Corporations made solders feel at home while on the battle fields overseas and also employed millions of Americans at home. Corporations even went as far as retrofitting their assembly lines to help build supplies for the war effort.

We should lead by inspiration like Mike does. We at America Against Hollywood also believe that our economy will bounce back stronger. It may change in how we do business as Americans but it will come stronger than ever just like Mike is predicting. For this, we award Mike this weeks Gold Star Award.





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