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Gold Star Winner NFL Legend Jack Brewer

Gold Star Winner NFL Legend Jack Brewer

Jack calls President Trump “first black president”

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

NFL legend Jack Brewer attended a round table event at the white house during Black History Month where he told President Donald J. Trump that he is the first black president.  Then CNN commentator Keith Boykin called Jack a “Uncle Tom” on one segment. Some of the other panelists gasped at such a slur but not the segments host Don Lemon.

Let’s back up a moment though. Many people in today’s society don’t even know the history of Uncle Tom or Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a book written in 1852 during the height of the civil war. It is actually a compliment to be referred to as an Uncle Tom as long as it is not used as a slur. The novel was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe who was an American author who wanted to abolish slavery. The novel was aimed at changing views of slavery and putting a human touch to the movement. The story involves the character Tom who was beaten to death by his master because he did not divulge where two escaped female slaves had gone. Sorry but in most peoples minds, this is a very admirable character. It is credited for electing Abraham Lincoln as it helped Americans understand that all men and women are created equal and that slavery should be abolished. The book was a huge success at the time selling over 500,000 copies which was astounding for the period. This really is a badge of honor being referred to this character who saved two female slaves lives. He chose to die at the hands of his master rather than jeopardize the lives of these women. He was a true martyr.

However, in the years following the release of the novel, the term Uncle Tom became a derogatory epithet after several other novels where released and lampooned the character Tom as a subservient slave who obeyed his master. Now this would be a slur that CNN commentator Keith Boykin was using against Jack Brewer. This is a typical slur that liberals use to describe African Americans who are not in lock step with the democratic party and who #walkaway from the democratic chains who have kept them in high unemployment, free from self thought, segregated in schools and kept them in unsafe communities with high crime.

On Fox, Jack Fired back at the racial slur. He said “How dare you?” “I would love to compare your work for poor black people against mine”. We here at America Against Hollywood agree. Boykin is a out of touch media celebrity who has done very little to help the black community. If you view his biography on sites such as Wikipedia and other sources, you will see that he has no charitable work to mention. Additionally, he has always worked as a commentator and was the highest ranking openly gay person in the Clinton White House. Even as a member of the gay community, he has done nothing noteworthy for the gay community as well. So here is another typical democrat who holds down African Americans by calling them Uncle Toms yet they do nothing for anyone but themselves.

Well Jack was not going to stand silent. Jack fired back with a great retort that silenced Boykin which made us want to award Jack this week’s Gold Star award at America Against Hollywood.

Brewer who started the Brewer foundation said “I’ve worked tirelessly”.  “I feed over 15,000 little black babies every day. I’ve opened up hospitals around the world to help poor black mothers who don’t have access to health care. And I’ve dedicated my entire life and not to get paid for money, I put my own money into these projects – and that’s where my passion lies.”

“My passion lies in the inner city programs,” continued Brewer, “I’m actually trying to bridge the gap of fatherlessness across this country. He addressed Keith Boykin directly, ‘how dare you?'”

“You know, you can disagree with me. I have no problem with that. But when you attack me now, I got to come back and ask you to do some fact-checking yourself and look and see what the Jack Brewer that you called an Uncle Tom is really doing. Because, you know, when you look in the mirror, he may see the actual Uncle Tom in himself.”

When Jack was asked what Trump has done versus prior decades under democratic politicians, Jack responded that he agreed with Trump’s support for school choice. He elaborated that African Americans can reach their goals by starting with school choice. “Segregation still exists in America and a lot of these neighborhoods where we force these poor black kids to go to failing public schools. Jack Brewer also lauded Trump’s support for historically black colleges. He further added that Trump is not a racist because he is letting black people out of jail (under prison reform) and he is pushing the black agenda. Additionally we would like to add that African American unemployment is the lowest EVER recorded.

We therefore congratulate Jack Brewer as this weeks Gold Star winner.

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