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Watch Our Podcast “OUR FREEDOMS”

Watch Our Podcast “OUR FREEDOMS”

Happy 4th of July to all of our supporters of our site We consider each of you as members of our family. To help celebrate the 4th of July, please join us for our podcast where we discuss “Our Freedoms”. We also have a guest, Steve Daniels who is the senior campaign strategist for Daniel McCarthy who is running for U.S. Senate for Arizona.

The best part of living in the U.S. is that we are a democracy for the people and by the people. We hope you will listen to this podcast where we talk about how we are losing our freedoms and how we can save them. We also are very thankful that Steve dropped by to introduce us to what the Daniel campaign represents. He is a strong conservative and really reminds us of Donald Trump, a successful business man who is a outsider and making waves. Both Steve and Dan are going places.

Look for our next pod cast coming soon where we interview Dan directly with some hard hitting questions. We hope it will enlighten voters and help give an option for a true conservative choice.


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