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Hollywood Is On High Alert

Hollywood Is On High Alert

Will Hollywood Pedophiles finally be exposed? Rumor has it that there is a very very good chance they will. As you may have heard through the news, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested last week by the FBI. As you may also know, she was Jeffrey Epstein’s right hand assistant and knows a great deal about what went on with Lolita Express, travel around the world, to his island called Little Saint James Island, as well as his Paris, NY, Palm Beach and Santa Fe residences. With all that knowledge, lets just hope that authorities ensure she does not meet the same fate as Jeffrey. Investigators need to tap into what she knows. Apparently, she knows a massive amount of info.  It is often stated that she was in charge of locating and delivering underage girls to Jeffry and his celebrity friends. There is even rumor that she has many recordings of those celebrities caught red handed. Even royalty like Prince Andrew are tangled up in the web.

The FBI did a early morning raid on Ghislaines 156 acre New Hampshire hide away. She herself faces federal sex abuse charges and charges related to luring underage girls to Epstein. Some of the victims have come forward prior to her arrest as well as Epstein’s. A not so little black book was found with over 1571 names and many of those have been matched to the flight logs of Epstein’s private plane the Lolita Express. Many celebrities and politicians have been exposed of taking multiple trips to his private island and residences where the abuse occurred. Names include famous people such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Hawking, Three Nobel laureates, professor Lawrence Krauss, Victoria Secret founder Les Wexner, Woody Allen, George Stephanopoulos, Harvard president Larry Summers, Scientist Steven Pinker, New Mexico governors Bruce King and Bill Richardson, Peter Soros (nephew of George), Alec Baldwin, Bill Gates, and many many more. Although these individuals are innocent until proven guilty, many of them have had sexual harassment issues themselves which only ads suspicion and fuel to the fire. We will see how the investigation unravels.

One name that has been associated with the flight log is Donald Trump. He was on a flight log from 1997, a year before Epstein even bought his island. Also, he was on a plane owned by billionaires Glenn and Eva Dubin. They were hosts of the flight but that flight did not travel to any  of Epstein’s residences. The flight traveled from Palm Beach to Newark, New Jersey. However, Trump never visited the island or any of Epstein’s residences. Trump himself even asked for investigators and reporters to find out who went to the island. So far, Trump is only guilty by being on the same flight as Epstein and there is no proof otherwise. He also mentioned that he was “not a fan of Jeffrey Epstein”. Epstein was even kicked out of Trump’s Mar-A-Largo.

If you recall, Epstein was arrested for human trafficking and while waiting for trial, he died. It was oddly touted as suicide but there are many factors that dispute that finding. There was the position of the body, the fact that security guards who were required to watch him 24 hours a day for suicide watch were not around an the only security cameras in the area were not working on that date. It would be even more suspicious if the same thing occurred  again with Ghislaine Maxwell.  We here at America Against Hollywood believe many in Hollywood, social circles and politicians around the world are sweating. It was rumored that Epstein himself made recordings of those on his island and it would make sense that Ghislaine Maxwell would have made copies of those for blackmail or security. Also, if the heat is applied to here and she faces conviction, she may sing like a bird to plea for lower charges. In that plea, she would need to provide substantial proof.

We will continue to update you as this case unfolds.


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