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Hunter Biden Laptop Exposes Hypocrisy of Joe

Hunter Biden Laptop Exposes Hypocrisy of Joe


Most parents in this world would do anything for their children. However, there are some parents that are simply too greedy or selfish to care for their children. Case in point, Hunter Biden has struggled with drug, alcohol and sex addiction for many years. He is a self admitted cocaine user and alcoholic and was even let go from his role as a ensign in the Navy. It was officially stated as an administrative discharge but those close to the story have stated it was originally to be classified as a dishonorable discharge but since his father Joe was VP of the U.S. at the time. He reportedly failed a mandated drug test and tested positive for cocaine. But in typical liberal fashion, instead of helping their son, they just worked to cover it up. Realistically, we know parents cant control their adult children’s decisions but had they raised their children with morals from the beginning, most kids would group up to have ethical behavior. Instead, Joe Biden was working to for 47 years to further his career instead of being a father to his kids. This is a strong argument of for term limits as politicians become so power hungry, they often forget their children and the become collateral damage.

However, we are now seeing that the apple does not fall far from the Joe Biden Tree. Over the years, we have seen disgusting displays of Joe Biden inappropriately touching and sniffing women and little girls hair. Video after video, photo after photo, we see that Joe has pawed and harassed women time and time again. Now we see that photos being leaked (too graphic to show here) are showing that Hunter Biden’s laptop had hundreds of thousands of pornographic photo’s of women and reportedly hundreds are of underage girls in sexual compromising situations. In other words, he too is a pedophile and harasser of women. There is one thing that we will not tolerate here at and that is abuse of children. Sexual or otherwise.

So all of those in the media and those who surround Joe Biden, including his wife Jill,  have defended Joe’s lewd behavior as just a “loving gesture” to women in his life. Now we are seeing it on a stronger scale with his son. More will be coming out for sure on this subject. Additionally, the release of the FBI warrant that seized the laptop in question had a bleed through of the agent in charge of the warrant. That agent specializes in child sex trafficking. More to come on that too.

So you might want to ask yourself, what kind of parents choose careers over helping their kid with addiction problems? Those kinds are Jill and Joe Biden. My thoughts are if you cant lead your kid (who knocked up a stripper and then refused to pay paternity, who evaded taxes in the millions he made in China and Bursima in the Ukraine, who is a known crack addict, alcoholic and apparently now a child sex offender), how are you going to lead the country as president? We know now that the Apple does not fall far from the tree.

But most shockingly of all, is that Biden extorts his own family. For every dollar that Hunter earned, emails show that Hunter admits that his “Big Guy” pop took 50% of all earnings or more. What kind of parent takes money from their children? I thing most generations of parents have provided for their children to help them live a better life, not take from their children.

Just like a  soap  opera, reality TV show or Lifetime movie,  we cant wait for more to unfold in this family drama as the investigation into Hunter’s laptop and the family mafia style business dealings are exposed.

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