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Is the 2nd Amendment No Longer Needed? It Is Still Needed and Here’s Why!

Is the 2nd Amendment No Longer Needed? It Is Still Needed and Here’s Why!

Many liberal celebrities and politicians push for gun control and want to push for an end to the 2nd amendment. During the Chinese virus pandemic, many governors tried to label gun sales, permit applications and ammo purchases as “non-essential” in a dictatorship attempt to end gun ownership. However, some gun store owners have started taking those governors to court and are winning. One great thing about the supreme court with both liberal and conservative judges, is that they have consistently supported the second amendment rights of Americans for many decades, and they have done so with almost unanimously. It is our constitutional right and they back that right on a majority of the cases they review.

Fast forward past the pandemic where we are now experiencing riots, looting and burning on a massive scale.  It is now more evident than ever that the 2nd is essential to a democracy. You can take a look at history around the globe and understand that societies that do not allow citizens to own guns are typically controlled by dictatorships. Look at Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, and even Venezuela. Venezuela was one of the most successful of Latin American countries both economically and democratically. That is, until the early 80’s when several of the presidents who ran the country started to socialize it. Eventually, in the 90’s and through today, dictators such as Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have rewritten the constitution of Venezuela several times to take away more freedoms of the people and one of those freedoms was gun ownership. Now the police and military break doors down in the middle of the night and arrest dissenters of the government. It sounds like Nazi Germany all over again.

Iff you think it can’t happen here in America, just look at all the liberal politicians who tried to limit gun sales and ownership during the last few months all in the guise of “protecting Americans” and calling it “non-essential”. Sorry but all aspects of the constitution are “essential”!

Liberal politicians need to understand that we the people are the ones they work for. It is not the other way around. They should also learn that big liberal  celebrity money should not influence their honoring the constitution. If guns sales are any sign of what we the people think about the 2nd amendment, consider this. Gun sales soared 80% in May and a total of 1.7 million guns were sold. April had a 71.3% increase in gun sales before the riots even began. Together, 3.5 million guns have been purchased in just the last 2 months.

Now let us look at a recent example of where guns protected American citizens and property. The heroic and brave citizens of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho stood up against the threat of George Soros and his paid Antifa thugs on the day of June 1st. It was leaked to the town that Antifa was going to infiltrate peaceful protesters that were planning to march downtown. The locals noticed that hundreds of out of towners were being bused in to their town. Not only that, but they ironically were being shuttled in expensive and lush Mercedes vans. It was also revealed that they planned to loot and burn the local WINCO grocery store.

The word spread quickly and thousands of citizens from all walks of life gathered quickly to protect their town. The young and the old, various racial back grounds, men and women all gathered with their guns. Most notably, the guns of choice were AR-15’s.

Antifa was overwhelmed and not expecting the turn out of the heroes. They quickly gave up their crowbars, bricks, other weapons, spray paint, incendiary devices and tools of violence. The local community had shown up in force and protected their town with out any provocation.

So next time when you might contemplate if the 2nd amendment is out dated, no longer needed or needs to be scaled back, think again. See such a timely example of how the people defused a potential violent situation, protected lives and property and did not have to rely on the government to protect them.

You can read more and see images from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We here at salute those patriots who helped to protect one and all.



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