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Is this Disney theme park becoming the Petri Dish for the Coronavirus?

Is this Disney theme park becoming the Petri Dish for the Coronavirus?

If so, it may no longer be the happiest place on Earth

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

Hong Kong has recently set aside a vast area of land on the Island of Lantau for Coronavirus victims. This land will be used to quarantine individuals with the Coronavirus as it spreads. However, of big concern is that right next door to this quarantine land that the government set up, is Disney Hong Kong.

You heard that right. The brainless government of Hong Kong set up a quarantine area for Coronavirus next to one of the most visited tourist destinations in Hong Kong. With over 6.7 million visitors per year, they thought it was it really a good idea to place a planned quarantine facility next to Disney. Additionally, less than 9 miles away is the Hong Kong International Airport which sees 73 million passengers per year according to Wikipedia. This makes for a disaster waiting to happen.

In the image below, the area surrounded by yellow is Disney Hong Kong. The area surrounded by red adjoining the boarder of Disney, is the planned quarantine area for Coronavirus. The government has not stated why the plot is so large or why this location was selected but it does challenge common sense to not place so close to a populated area.

You see, once contracted, the Coronavirus can take up to 2 weeks or more before it shows any symptoms. Some who test positive for it, show no symptoms at all. This means that if fail safes set in place to quarantine users in this plot of land are somehow breached, next door you have the potential of infecting millions. Further down the road at the airport, you have millions more possibly being exposed.

If any indication of how easily it is to breach a fail safe set in place, just look at the recent flight where 14 Americans that were quarantined on a Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, were flown back to the U.S. on a airplane with other passengers. Although the 14 were apparently isolated in a “isolation box” according to video taken by other passengers, the mere presence raises questions. Why were the individuals not quarantined in Japan? Why where the infected not flown back on a flight with out other passengers. Why were they even allowed back in the United States without being treated and the virus eliminated? Although they tested positive, they were deemed asymptomatic and fit to fly. However, as a reminder, symptoms can show up more than two weeks after infection. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. state Department have indicated that all passengers transported will be under surveillance until completely cleared.

For those of you familiar with planes, you know that the air system is self-contained and everyone on the plane shares the same air. So those passengers might be isolated from the Isolation Box, there are too many risks involved that would possibly jeopardize others. For example, how where the passengers loaded into the isolation box? Where they in bio-hazard suits? Although the plane might be cleaned after, how is it guaranteed that the plane is safe for other flights? We all know that workers are sometimes lazy and take shortcuts. How do we know that the plane is thoroughly cleaned? If you believe that is farfetched, just look at hospitals. They are the cleanest locations on Earth, yet we see diseases fly through them and often transfer to otherwise healthy people. Sometimes it is just the flu but other times it is things like Legionnaires disease. We can’t simply trust that something used to transport Coronavirus will be sterilized safely.

The United Sates CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has issued new travel notices for Hong Kong. Although the CDC warning is at level 1, it is not yet recommending cancellation of travel to Hong Kong but rather use precautions when traveling there. Unlike China’s CDC rating of 4, a level 1 is minimal but could escalate. A level 4 is a recommendation of do not travel to location. Currently, Japan has only 84 known cases of Coronavirus unlike mainland China which is now over 80,000. Being so close to mainland China, Hong Kong is taking precautions along with most other countries. However, setting up a quarantine area next to Hong Kong Disney and not far from one of the busiest international airports is not a good idea. With people protesting the Hong Kong government over the last year due to the leaders not standing tall against China and its attempt to remove democracy, the leaders are now under more scrutiny for their handling of the Coronavirus.

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