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It Begins, Minnesota Dem AG Wants Police Not To Respond to Rapes

It Begins, Minnesota Dem AG Wants Police Not To Respond to Rapes


We would like to say “We told you so!” if the reality of what Minnesota Dem AG Keith Ellison said wasn’t so awful towards women, people of color and others. During a recent zoom meeting with California Congresswoman Karen Bass and PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, Ellison responded to questions on his call to de-fund the police.

During the meeting, Ellison gave ideas on how after de-funding the police would occur. Then came is idea that he thought was brilliant. He  said “If your a woman, who’s been a victim of sexual assault, and the assailant has ran away,  wouldn’t you rather want to talk to somebody who is trained in helping with it, what your dealing with, as opposed to somebody who’s main training is that they know how to use a firearm.  Right?”

The look on these Women’s Faces Says it all. They must be thinking what a ignorant idea and one that would hurt women, ,people of color and even others. Ellison shows his true contempt for women by trivializing rape.  He believed he was capturing a understanding of what women want after being assaulted. After consulting with various women that we at America Against Hollywood know, we found the first thing that women want is safety. Who better to provide that safety is someone like the police who are trained to use their weapons if needed, to protect citizens. Additionally, many police departments around the country train their officers on how to console victims. Yes, speaking with someone who is trained to help rape victims and their mindset after an assault is essential but the first and foremost concern is being safe. The second most important desire is to seek medical  help if needed. Not only to treat any wounds or trauma but also to capture a rape kit for prosecution.  The counseling can come after a feeling of safety or hospitalization has occurred.

We would also like to note that not all rape victims are women. Some are men, some are children of both sexes, etc. We have also seen cases of false accusations of rape but that is another story. By Ellison assuming what a rape victim wants is outside of his realm of compassion or understanding.  His trivializing of the act of rape hurts the very people he thinks he is trying to help. Giving a hugging session after a woman or any other person is raped is not the solution. They need to feel safe. The assailant needs to be apprehended and brought to justice. It is often mentioned by experts that if an assailant is not caught in the first 48 hours, the trail will most likely grow cold. It is very important that the police arrive on scene to begin the investigation.  Evidence can be compromised and even destroyed if the police are not there to collect it. It is critical that this does not occur to help prosecute the assailant(s).

Minnesota AG Ellison should stick to enforcing the law not trying to come up  with ideas on how to keep the law at bay.  His role is to protect the victims by prosecution not by hugging the issues away or de-funding resources needed to prosecute.

Here his insane comment for yourself below.

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