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Joe Biden Dementia Tragically Infects Entire Democratic Party

Joe Biden Dementia Tragically Infects Entire Democratic Party

Remember when liberals called Americans who did not social distance as selfish? In their mind, it must have been ages ago but actually it was only in the last 2 months. They must have the same dementia and short term memory loss as their current leader, Joe Biden. We are going to start calling out these hypocrites one by one such as Gov Mario Cuomo, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Gov Phil Murphy, Gov Gretchen Whitmer. We will also expose liberal actors and singers who have the same dementia.

It was just yesterday, to those of us with a sound mind, that we heard liberal hypocrites threaten those who ignored lock-downs. They said they would arrest in mass. They also called Americans who did not obey as selfish. Keeping in mind that most people in America live pay check to pay check so they had no choice but to disobey so they could try to seek work to pay for medications and feed their families. Oh and pay rent and bills.

Chicago Nazi Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who we have talked about before on, held a press conference threatening to jail those in gatherings of 10 or more individuals. She also has not lifted her stay at home order fully either. By just like all hypocritical liberal politicians, she was caught going to a salon to get her hair done. When caught, she claimed she was the “Face” of Chicago and had to look presentable.

Now she is allowing her city to burn with riots. What happened to her strong statement of any gathering over 10 people would be thrown in jail? Now she is allowing tens of thousands of protesters burn her city down all while not observing her social distancing lock down. She is actually encouraging the rioters. Additionally she is now threatening to de-fund the police. Hmm, how is she going to enforce her threat to lock down gatherings of 10 or more people without any police?

She also ran for mayor as someone who can deal with her city and reduce violent crimes and a soaring murder rate. However, since she took office, it has skyrocketed further. Not only that but black on black crime has increased as well. Why didn’t she incite protests over those injustices?

Now as her city burns, she is dealing yet another blow to innocent Chicagoan’s (many who are African American also) suffer from violence by allowing protesters to burn her city down. Her city includes many small mom and pop shops that are being burned. As we mentioned in other articles,  those hit hardest are lower income neighborhoods. Now many African Americans are out of work because of her strong-arming during lock down and now also experiencing loss of property and businesses due to her weak arm on the riots.

Many citizens who rely on neighborhood stores to feed their families or to earn and income are now out of luck. Many cant even fill prescriptions as the pharmacies were looted and burned. They cannot even go for essential medical check up. God forbid if they catch the Chinese virus as they wont even be able to safely travel to a hospital or get testing even. As many citizens lost their jobs and are being evicted, they can’t even seek affordable housing as new units being built were also burned in her city and others around the country.

We here at America Against Hollywood will continue to call out these liberal politicians and celebs who are major hypocrites. Watch for more articles soon exposing them for all to see. Please make sure to go directly to Lori Lightfoots Twitter page to give her a piece of your mind if your “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!”


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