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Joe Biden’s Gaffes Keep Piling up.

Joe Biden Blasts Trump over Coronavirus and says his plans to fight it would be much better. However, the scary part is that he doesn’t even know the name of the virus. In a televised interview, he kept referring to the virus as the “Luhan” virus. In our opinion here at America Against Hollywood, we feel if you don’t even know the accurate name, how are you going to even fight it?

With his democrat presidential candidate nomination all but secure, you are seeing his party social distance Biden away from the press so that he limits any verbal blunders. Sound familiar? That is what Hillary did during the 2016 election to avoid tough questions. However, in the long run, it did more great harm to her campaign as people wondered what she was hiding. Joe Biden probably does not have as much to hide (China and Hunter Biden connections) as Clinton did (illegal server use, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, Haiti, enabling her husbands philandering, etc.)  but Biden’s hiding from the press will also do him more harm as it did Hillary. At some point, you cannot hide from tough questions. Hillary found this out during the debates and so will Biden. When Biden does speak to the press, he states gaffe after gaffe. Some funny but some down right scary.

His latest gaffe of calling the Chinese virus the Luhan virus comes just days after mixing the virus with SARS.

Many reporters are also asking questions about Biden being tested for the Coronavirus. His campaign released a statement “Vice President Biden has no fever, no cough, no shortness of breath or other symptoms consistent with coronavirus,” the campaign said in a Friday statement. “And the campaign has not been informed of or become aware of any relevant contact with an individual who has tested positive.”

Very odd for several reasons. Mostly, as many people that are in his campaign, he has bound to have come into contact with someone who has been in contact (directly or indirectly) with someone who has the Coronavirus. He may not show symptoms but he could be a carrier. We are seeing leaders around the world test positive. We are even seeing other formal dem presidential candidates, house members, senate members all submitting to testing for the virus. Even President Trump, the first lady, VP Mike Pence and his family all tested for the virus to be sure and safe. His campaign must really be social distancing him away from anyone, including the press. But in reality, for the vast amount of hands Biden has shaken at rally’s and as many campaign staffers he deals with, you would think for peace of mind sake, he would test. However, we at America Against Hollywood believe he should also throw in a quick dementia test along with it. Both would help ease the minds of voters.

Biden also continues to support open boarders even though medical experts agree that travel bans are needed. Trump issued travel bans in early January for China and has continued to issue more bans (Iran, Europe, etc.) as needed. Biden has called Trump a xenophobe for such bans but all medical experts of both parties, agree that travel bans are needed to slow the virus or even stop it.


If walls or travel bans do not stop the virus, why is Biden social distancing and isolating himself in his own home, behind a very tall wall. Unlike Biden’s line of thinking where American’s still apparently travel by covered wagon, Trump realizes that travelers can jump from country to country within hours. In cities, people can travel in just minutes. In such a fast paced society, any contagion can spread incredibly fast. Even something as simple as last summer’s outbreak of salmonella outbreak with produce, meat and baby food. Trump understands that travel bans are needed to areas of high risk to protect all Americans, regardless of party affiliation. Even Mexico who has fought Trump tooth and nail against building the wall, has now floated the idea of closing the boarder to prevent infections coming in from the U.S. and Canada. You heard that right, you can read more here.

Trump can’t win no matter what he does. He has democrats such as Biden saying he is a xenophobe for travel restrictions and then other democrats such as Hillary saying he is not doing enough and the U.S. should be shut down for more than two months. Both do their armchair quarterbacking from luxurious homes behind walls, exorbitant pensions from the government for financial security and that have secret service agents protecting them outsiders. Both have no clue that the average person needs to work to support their family as over 78 %  (according to Forbes and found in a recent study) live pay check to pay check. We also do not have sky high walls or security to protect us and isolate us from the world.

Whether you call it the Chinese virus, the Corona virus, COVID -19, Wuhan virus or a foreign virus, I think we can all agree that it is not called the Luhan virus.


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