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Kamala Shows Early Signs of Biden Dementia

Kamala Shows Early Signs of Biden Dementia

Remember When Kamala Called Joe A Racist? What Happened? They say time heals old wounds. However, time must be at warp speed for Kamala to forgive Joe for being a racist. The only other possibilities are that Kamala is suffering from dementia and forgot that she called Joe a racist (which he is) or that she is so power hungry that she overlooks his racism.

We are betting on the later. It was just months ago when Kamala couldn’t even poll at 1% during the democratic debates and decided to pull out the ace up her sleeve and expose Joe Biden for the racist he really is. She gave example after example during the debates. The media has provided sound bite after sound bite also. Somehow the democrat party and Kamala herself are very forgiving.

During the debates, she spoke about how Biden gave eulogized at the funerals of Strom Thurmond and Robert Bird. Both were segregationists and extreme racist. Bird even led the local chapter of the KKK in his area. During those eulogies, he touted his strong friendship. He even said Strom Thurmond was his closest friend in the senate. Very fitting for someone who is also a racist and makes gaffe after gaffe during this campaign season exposing his inner racism.

Harris revealed a personal experience to Biden’s racism during his time as a senator. She told of a story during the debates where she personally was affected by Biden’s actions as a senator. She described being a child and having to be segregated and could not attend another better school because of Biden’s fight to stop busing black students to white districts.

Recently Biden said that if blacks don’t know on why to vote for him this election, then they “ain’t black”. He also said that blacks are not as diverse culturally as Hispanics. Yet somehow as Biden’s racism is getting worse (or at the very least more visible), Kamala has forgiven him. Her flip flop shows many things. She is a hypocrite and will say or do anything to earn votes.  She also is a racist herself. You may ask how being that she is half black and have eastern Indian.  It’s all in her track record as a prosecutor in San Francisco. She targeted black men and incarcerated them at a higher rate than other races. Many (over 1,500 inmates) were sent to prison for just minimal marijuana violations while caught on tape laughing about smoking it herself at one time. She even hid DNA evidence that would would eventually prove a man’s innocence as he waited on death row.

Her office also fought against payments to those wrongly convicted under her. She also was exposed by a federal judge who ordered release of over 1,000 inmates convicted under her watch when it was discovered that her crime lab misused evidence that she used to prosecute and was tainted.

So how does Kamala doe a 180 degree turn around from her past as well as her hypocritical labeling that Biden was a racist? She either has Biden dementia and forgot about this part of her life or she is greedy for power and will say anything for votes.

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