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Liberal Celebrities, Politicians and Media Cleverly Edit Facts … We Expose Them

Liberal Celebrities, Politicians and Media Cleverly Edit Facts … We Expose Them

If you watch CNN or MSNBC you will notice something peculiar about Trumps speech on peaceful protests and the violent riots. It was cleverly edited to make it seem as though he was Hitler or Stalin who wanted to end all protests and squash dissenters. Ironic how these media sources claim Trump is coming down on the first amendment but support Communist China eliminating such freedoms from their people.

However, President Trump spoke about the exact opposite. The problem with Americans today is they don’t question editing and do not take the time to listen patiently to speeches. In our fast paced society, they simply only read headlines or view largely edited news clips. If they took the time to actually watch the speech, Trump guaranteed the right to free speech and for peaceful protesters to gather, even if they don’t agree with his policies. However, he drops the hammer on violent Antifa domestic terrorists who are burning down our cities, killing people, looting and beating innocent citizens. Rather than tell you what Trump said, we would like to share this inspirational video of what he actually said along with heartening images of communities uniting together, protesters and police. It also shows the destruction of Antifa Terrorists who destroying our cities.





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