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Liberal Hollywood Blames Trump for Covid Deaths But Somehow Ignore Newesome’s and Cuomo’s Death Counts.

Liberal Hollywood Blames Trump for Covid Deaths But Somehow Ignore Newesome’s and Cuomo’s Death Counts.

Typical hypocritical Hollywood! Do as I say but not as I do! As extreme liberal Hollywood stars like Cher, Jane Fonda, Rob Reiner, Debra Messing continue to slam Trump rather than China for their role in spreading the pandemic to the world. Even Liberal Hollywood director Eugene Jarecki paid for a “death clock” in times square to somehow state that Trump is responsible for American Covid deaths. In case your asking, we here at America Against Hollywood have not hear of Jarecki either. Apparently he has directed a few unheard of documentaries that liberal Hollywood elites fawn over because they slam conservatives. However, for the rest of America, you wont be seeing his financial bombs anytime soon at your local AMC.

But lets ask, how come Jarecki is not putting a death clock up for Newsome or Cuomo? Newesome reported last week that over half of his death count in California occurred in senior living homes. Trump was not responsible for that. It is controlled by Newsome who did not protect the elderly in those homes which many are state run.

The same with Cuomo. He is really responsible even more than Newsome. He issued a executive order that demanded nursing homes to accept Covid patients to utilize the empty beds. Then Covid spread like wildfire killing huge percentages in those homes. Additionally, Cuomo himself updated the statistics of his state that showed over 66 percent of those who were infected with Covid, social distanced at home under his “Nazi like” stay at home orders. In other words, his stay at home orders did not work. But more importantly he is directly responsible for the deaths that occurred in the nursing homes in his state after his insane executive order.

Where is liberal Hollywood and their anger towards these two liberal governors? You wont see it. They only want you to believe that Orange Man (Trump) is bad. Typical Hypocrites.


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