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Medical Studies Now Proving Masks Fail

Medical Studies Now Proving Masks Fail

Various studies are now confirming what many have been saying for a long time, even before Covid, that faces masks are not helpful for preventing respiratory viruses. For those that listen to Dr. Fauci, he has been very contradictory about the use of masks. In March, he laughed off masks. He went on many news shows stating that they would not be helpful in stopping the virus. However, when it became politicized, he quickly started telling Americans to mask up. Then just like all the other hypocrites, he was caught attending a baseball game over the summer and removed his mask for a lengthy period of the game. After he was caught on film, he provided a statement that he only had it down momentarily. However, the footage debunks that.

Mainly face shields and masks were developed to help medical professionals stop their own droplets from reaching patients. They were never intended to prevent patient droplets from reaching them. Now a Danish study is proving just that. In their study, they found no conclusive evidence that masks were effective in the fight against Covid. However, the study itself has become politicized and many journals are refusing to publish it therefore shelving the study.

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