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GOLD STAR: New York Times Skeptic About…Celebrity Activism?

It’s an odd thing, objectivity. Newspapers across the country claim objectivity, referencing a higher calling of feeding the public much needed information, but then shoveling muck down our throats.

So imagine my surprise when an article appears in the parenting section of the Times, questioning why we rely so much on celebrities for political direction.

Granted most of sane America has never relied on their un-ironic input in the past. Only when celebrities start going against the values that liberal-bubble do they take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves, “What makes these people so special?”

“How did this happen?” asks Jessica Grose of NYT, clearly missing the decades of fluff pieces propping up High School drop-out actors published by her own paper.

Referencing Jessica Biel’s testimony in California against an extra layer of oversight for parents seeking medical exemptions for their children’s vaccines, Ms. Grose starts to wonder why we let celebrities hold so much sway over us, only because the anti-vaccine movement is so unpopular.

It appears she missed the celebrity abortion advocates of Georgia or all the celebrity speakers at the last Democratic National convention.

Only when it doesn’t fits their narrative does the left start to think twice, but mind you, only twice.

“‘We can’t have it both ways. If we give them the platform, we expect them to use it for the good, but it’s our fault if they don’t. We give them that attention’ no matter what.”

Kudos the the New York Times for floating that thought in the bubble. Let’s see if they remember the next time a starlet decides we need more regulation to fix the ails of the world

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