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Oh The Irony, Mexico Considering Closing Boarder to the U.S.

Oh The Irony, Mexico Considering Closing Boarder to the U.S.

All it took was a little something called Coronavirus

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

So for years the Mexican Government and the previous U.S. administrations ignored the safety of open boarders. The previous admins would give lip service that they wanted to protect American jobs but they would never do anything. Of course, Mexico would not do anything either because Mexicans who work in the U.S. (illegal or legal) account for sending back over 26.1 billion in revenue to those living in Mexico via cash shipments, known as remittances. Remittances are one of Mexico’s top sources of foreign income, outpacing oil exports, which totaled $18.5 billion, according to the most recent figures available at the Bank of Mexico. All of this is not even considering the revenue that Mexico receives from the U.S. in that the U.S. is the largest importer of Mexican product, greater than any other country. The U.S. is also providing vast revenue dollars to the Mexican economy from U.S. companies who have moved to Mexico. Those companies also further add to the economy through employee payrolls to Mexican citizens working for those companies.

When President Trump entered the presidency, he immediately began working on a new NAFTA agreement to be more fair to all parties (Mexico, U.S. and Canada). He also began working to secure our boarders and move forward to build a boarder wall. Mexican politicians have been ridiculing Trump for years. They have slammed his work to renegotiate NAFTA and build the wall. However, Trump was successful in renegotiating NAFTA under the new USMCA. He is now also moving forward with building the wall. Many miles have already been completed and many more are under pre-construction.

Mexico finally agrees with Trump and is sending troops to the boarder to help stop ill legal immigration to the U.S. Now they are possibly taking it one step further.

This week it is being reported that Mexico is ironically considering closing it’s boarder with the U.S.. The change of heart is due to an effort to stop COVID-19 otherwise known as the Coronavirus. Funny that it took a virus that has killed less than the Flu during the 2019 year for the panic to set in enough to consider closing their boarder. Additionally, it would make more sense to close their southern boarder where the nations south of Mexico have more Coronavirus cases than the U.S. And to be honest, places like Cuba are more likely under reporting due to their propaganda machine. Mexico might also be under reporting but not necessarily due to propaganda but lack of accurate reporting resources. It is simply hard to believe that Mexico City, the 8th largest city in the world and Brazil the 7th largest city in the world do not have more cases. It is most likely that cases are being misdiagnosed or not reported.

Mexico’s health minister, Hugo Lope-Gatell said at a recent news conference “Mexico wouldn’t bring the virus to the United States, rather the United States would bring it here. The possible flow of the Coronavirus would come from the north to the south.”. With Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, just being diagnosed with the virus and more and more cases being announced each day, it is safe to say that Latin America has the same infection rate as any other nation.

Isn’t it ironic that Mexico now wants to close the boarder with the U.S. Our hunch here at America Against Hollywood smell something fishy. Is there politics behind their plan? Are they getting revenge on the Trump economy? Are they trying to counter punch Trump’s USMCA that evens out the playing field that Mexico has reaped the benefits for years? You decide. Either way, it is irony at it’s best.


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