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Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego A “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier”

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego A “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier”

Ultra liberal Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego will do anything for votes. She is up for election this fall and is trying to join the band wagon of “Blame Trump”. This past weekend, she joined MSNBC to tout some typical politician talking points on how her city is being hit hard by Covid. Yes Arizona is seeing a spike in confirmed cases because we are testing thousands more each day. We are playing catch up because testing was slow to start in AZ. However, most importantly, the death rate is still around .1% and is not increasing. It some areas it is actually going down. It is funny how politicians have evolved the narrative. We first were told to flatten the curve. Then it was to bring down the death rate. Now it is all about positive cases whether the patients are showing symptoms or not.

When Kate went on MSNBC she told some real doozies. Even Joe Biden whom she just endorsed could call her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”. She started off with spreading panic by saying that there were so many deaths that hospitals, specifically Abrazo Hospitals, were beyond capacity at the morgues and therefore had to order refrigerated trucks for the overflow of bodies dead from Covid. Abrazo’s spokesperson, Keith Jones flat out denied her statement. He said extra refrigerated storage “is not needed!”. Local paper, The Arizona Republic which has leaned left over the last decade, contacted other major health systems in Arizona and received similar statements that there is plenty of room and not near capacity at all. Even the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office denied her statement. They did say that they do often expand during summer months to help with the influx of heat related deaths but that Covid deaths rarely are sent to the medical examiner’s office. With temperatures reaching 118 this week, those deaths are expected to rise but there is still plenty of room.

Furthermore, Kate goes on to explain that testing is constrained. She mentioned that people are waiting in lines up to 8 hours long. This is another false statement. Let me correct that, it is another huge lie. staff reached out to several hospitals and testing facilities. Spokesmen for Saint Joseph’s and Terros Health both denied there is any wait for testing. We have staffers on the ground in AZ and they mentioned there are many locations offering testing with no wait such as CVS and Walgreens clinics, in addition to other health systems. There is even drive up testing at many public locations such as Steele Indian School Park. The pop up locations move around the valley as needed. But most telling is “Lyin Kate’s” own twitter feed. Someone forgot to tell her that she told the story of long lines and then posted pics of her liberal photo op for her campaign that shows no lines at all.

Very few main stream media outlets, especially MSNBC are calling her out on her lies. She herself is not retracted any of them. Instead, the lies go viral and the sheep believe her. Not only that, she has been frequently seen not wearing a mask at all. There are a few outlets that are getting the word out along with us here at But don’t take our word for it, we believe a picture is worth a thousand words and note they are from her own twitter feed.


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