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Police Brutality From A Black Perspective


Shemeka Michelle also known as “The Goddess of Controversy” guides you through a quick 6 minute opinion video that just may change minds.

In the video, she points out just the facts. For example she counters the narrative my democrats and main stream media that Donald Trump is inciting violence against people of color and also promoting police brutality. In 2017, 1,147 people were killed by police in which 92% of those deaths involved police shootings. Of those, only 19 were unarmed blacks. This tells us two things. First, 91.98% of the shootings by police, involved people of all colors who were using guns in the crimes they committed. Only .02% of those were unarmed black men. In other words, the unarmed shootings did not even make up 1% of the confrontations but rather only .02% of 1%.

In 2016, 962 people were killed by police. 17 of those were unarmed blacks. That would be almost double the year of 2017. Barack Obama was president during that year.

2015, 36 black people killed in 2015 in which Barack Obama was also president. That is more than triple the year of 2016.

Therefore, black unarmed police killings have dropped under Trump and where much higher under Obama.

But most telling of all is that according to the numbers, more white people are killed than black people. None of those cases were in the headlines of media and people did not riot and protest. Then Shemeka drops a larger bomb. She explains that Colin Kapernick who started the kneeling protest during national anthem, was only concerned with half of his race. You see, Colin is 1/2 white and 1/2 black who was adopted by a white family. She continues that if Colin had protested the absence of black fathers or black on black crime, he might have been hailed a hero by all walks of races.

CDC listed homicide as the main cause of death of black men between 15-34 years of age. In just 2017, 6,000 black men were murdered largely by other black men. She raises the important question shouldn’t these numbers be of more concern than those who died at the hands of police?

We invite you to listen to her here.



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