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Sad News For Liberal Dems: Most voters say celebrity political endorsements don’t matter

Democrats might actually start having to conceive real ideas, because 89% of Americans says celebrity endorsements hold no sway or negative sway on their plans to vote for a politician, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll.

Somehow most of the country knew this, but it seemed to skip through both ears of organized Democrats. What else is new?

Rich people who feign interest in the plights of “lesser” people don’t really know how the world works? WHAT A CONCEPT!

Don’t be fooled though. Hollywood can sway a lot of the country through slow burn narratives constantly finding their way onto screens across the country. Remember, 11% of those surveyed said still said that celebrities have a positive influence on their voting pattern, which is  sadly 11% too high.

The only issue is that these politicians struggle to understand the zeitgeist of real America today.

Americans that live between the coastal states know best what works in their communities, rather than some distant capital. They don’t try to affect property rights in Los Angeles or taxes in Seattle. We’ll continue to live our lives and block out the white noise.

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