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That Didn’t Take Long, Black Leaders Now Call For Funding Police

That Didn’t Take Long, Black Leaders Now Call For Funding Police

Sometimes the irony just can’t more real. BLM, Black leaders along with pandering liberal leaders have been calling for de-funding the police. In some cases they want to eliminate the police all together. However, when asked “Who are people going to call upon in cases of rape, burglary or murder?”, they have no solution.

Many police officers are sick and tired of being thrown under the bus. They have suddenly come down with a pandemic greater than Covid called the “Blue Flu” in which droves are calling out of work or retiring early in order to protest funding cuts by liberal mayors. There are so many  retirement requests in New York City alone they had to implement a daily limit of requests allowed. The requests have jumped more than 400%. Its no wonder when they heroically put their life on the line every day and then liberal mayors through them to the wolves that they want to quit their jobs.

The police departments around the country have had to alter they way they run to keep up with the severe budget shortages after the cuts. Some major areas of safety had to be cut just to meet the tight budget constraints. We here at wondered when the other shoe would drop. What are communities going to do when police are no longer available. Well liberal Berkeley, California thinks they have the answer. They have moved forward with a proposal to eliminate police from being involved in traffic stops. They instead want unarmed civilian city workers to conduct the traffic stops instead. Obviously, those liberal idiot never ever watched an episode of the “Cops” television show. Time and time again, cops have pulled over drivers in vehicles with tinted windows or even clear windows where their life is put in danger. When they approach the drivers, they often can’t see their hands. There are often many dangerous variables that are unknown when pulling over a driver. Are there weapons in the car? Will the driver speed away? Will the driver try to resist the ticket and harm the officer? Will the driver try to run the officer down? Many hundreds of dash cam videos and body cams have caught the horrific situations that police (who are armed) face each day. Now the liberal government of Berkeley wants unarmed civilians to patrol traffic stops? Are they nuts? We almost want to laugh at the idea but in reality, we know that there is sure to be innocent deaths of those unarmed city workers to follow if implemented.

Now black  leaders in New York are calling for more police rather than less. After cities like New York, Minnesota,  LA and Chicago have seen large spikes in shooting deaths and violence as a result of cutting funding to the police,  people are realizing that is not the answer. In some cases, shootings have increased by more than 300% because criminals know there are no police on the streets and there are no repercussions. In New York, there was a tragic loss of life when a 1 year old black kid was shot over the weekend. The homicide rate has more than doubled last years rate.

Brooklyn Borough President Erick Adams who is African-American has joined other voices such as Tony Herbert who are calling on funding to be increased. They are critical of the mayor’s decision to eliminate the anti-crime unit. The unit involved using plain clothes under cover police officers to proactively get illegal guns off the streets. The unit consisted of over 600 officers who have now been assigned to other reactive areas of the department rather than proactive areas like the anti-crime unit.

When far left leaders like Bill DeBlassio and AOC caved into the demands of Antifa and Marxist BLM members without consulting black leaders who live in the high crime ares, it was inevitable that de-funding the police would be proven to be a bad idea and help increase crime rates.


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