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The handshake(s) that caused snowflakes to melt

The handshake(s) that caused snowflakes to melt

Vince Vaughn act of simple manners gets him blacklisted by liberal Hollywood but mains stream Americans have his back.

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

This week’s Gold Star Award goes to Vince Vaughn for his class act of kindness and generosity.

The Hollywood elites are at it again. They are trying to say they are tolerant but then they attack anyone who does not think the same as them. Case in point, Hollywood recently attacked one of their own, Vince Vaughn, who dared to shake hands with Donald Trump at the National college football championship. Especially after Trump receive a roaring standing ovation from those in attendance. You think Hollywood would take a hint that they do not fit mainstream American values. Instead they live privileged lives behind their towering walls.

It used to be common courtesy to shake hands with someone as a friendly gesture or to seal a deal. Now, the Hollywood elite believe it should only be reserved as a secret fraternity handshake from one liberal to another liberal only.

It is no shock that Vince has supported the Republican party over the years, but he was simply enjoying a sporting event and had the opportunity to sit with the president. He was not there to push an agenda but rather enjoy a game that is one of America’s favorite past times. Regardless of party affiliation, religion, ethnicity or any other demographics, sports in America have typically bonded all who enjoy. It seems now that it is becoming the last sacred piece of entertainment that is moving into the political arena. Why can’t we just all enjoy a good game? Even now, team rivalry is so high that some fans attack others for simply supporting the opposite team. When did rivalry become so divisive in politics, sports and other aspects of the American culture? We should enjoy a good game regardless of who wins. It’s called sportsmanship.

The Hollywood Nazi Brown-shirts, also recently attached Ellen DeGeneres because she sat next to George W. Bush at a different football game. She was there to enjoy a game and reach across the aisle and put politics aside for a few hours. Hollywood quickly slammed her on social media. Her so called fans also threatened to no longer watch her. Hollywood’s cancel culture kicked into overdrive, but it has not put a dent in her career and she was unapologetic for showing kindness to others.

Don’t be surprised if both starts are blacklisted like those in the McCarthy era of the 40’s and 50’s. Oddly enough, the liberal stars who were innocently accused of being communists who supported the U.S.S.R. during that time have evolved into a new liberal faction of stars that are now using the same tactics on others. The problem is that today’s liberal stars mostly did not ever complete any significant schooling (or if they did, they were “privileged” and attended liberal Gestapo type colleges that brain washed them). As a result, they are unaware of this part of history or did not learn from it. Those who do not learn from history will repeat the same mistakes again. The good news is that both Vince and Ellen have made so much money that they never need to work again. So, Hollywood’s threat to cancel, boycott or quietly blacklist them, will not matter. Also, the American audience will still support them.

Hollywood had good intentions during the 60’s by breaking down barriers, freeing themselves from studio contracts, letting female actors break the glass ceiling, introducing multi-cultural movies and actors, discussing previously taboo topics, etc. However, the pendulum has swung too far into Socialism.

Those who have studied Communism, Fascism, Totalitarianism are fully aware what the Hollywood Elites are doing today is the same as what the Nazis did in Germany. If they don’t like your agenda and it does not agree with the way they want you to think, they will threaten cancellation, blacklisting or in some cases, actual bodily harm. We have some celebs like Robert DeNiro, Kathy Griffin, etc. actually threatening to attack or even kill someone who does not agree with their ideology. We even hear from some that Republicans should be gathered up and sent to camps. Even some democratic presidential candidate campaign staffers, like those of Bernie Sanders, are also calling for such action. Sometimes when I hear such talk, I wonder if we are in Russia, 1940’s Germany, China, Iran, Cuba or Venezuela. If we start to see neighbors disappear in the night, we should be very worried. Don’t think it will happen in America? Don’t be too sure. We already see it with gangs and drug cartels. When have you ever heard of staff members of a presidential campaign threatening to round up the opposite party and put them in Gulags? Bernie Sanders staff voiced such actions recently on undercover video by Project Veritas.

Hollywood elites like to tell us what to do and how to act and how to think. The like to ridicule anyone who attempts to show civility to those who they disagree with. However, do sure get their nose out of joint when they are not provided the civility by anyone else. Nancy Pelosi and her brownshirts recently took to social media to condemn Trump who did not shake her hand at the State of the Union address, although she had plans to disrespect him in a very staged event of tearing up his speech. If you look at the video from that night closely, Trump is already turning around before Nancy extends her hand, so he didn’t even see her offer to shake his hand. Additionally, if you look at still shots from behind Nancy, there are crease marks in her copy of Trump’s speech where she already practice tearing up the speech prior to the speech even beginning. Furthermore, she even had it set in piles for the right amount that her scrawny crypt keeper arms could tear easily rather than trying to tear all at once. It’s not like it was a phone book. So, one must ask, does anyone really want to shake someone’s hand that is not providing genuine intentions? Although Trump did not shake Pelosi’s hand, no one should really blame him since her intentions were only to disrespect him with such juvenile theatrics as not standing to recognize his speech featured guests in the gallery or rolling her eyes during his speech or ripping up her government owned copy of Trump’s speech. Perhaps he didn’t want to shake her hand because he thought her brittle little hand would snap off. Maybe he thought she had too much to drink and might fall over if a handshake would throw her off balance. Or perhaps he thought she looked like the angel of death in her white pant suit who is looking to collect souls. I think almost everyone would not blame him for not shaking her hand.

The moral of the story (although the Hollywood elites have no morals), is that the Hollywood celebs cannot have it both ways. Either they respect a handshake between two people as a kind gesture regardless of political affiliation or they don’t. The so-called tolerant Hollywood is not so tolerant anymore. Only when it benefits them or their Orwellian thought police rules.

We here at America Against Hollywood are turning the tables. We are not asking for silencing of elite celebrities, black listing or violent harm but we are a part of a growing movement who will spend our dollars on those celebrities who are respectful, lead by example, and put out content that is not a subliminal brain washing to convert the audience to hate others, especially those who disagree with their beliefs. We will not put up with the Orwellian attempts to burn books, movies or cancel celebs who don’t agree with them. We saw this occur in Nazi Germany and we refuse to let it happen here in America. We are more tolerant of Hollywood elitist than they are of the American people. We believe in freedom of speech. We believe in the rights of all Americans under the best constitution on Earth, but we will not tolerate those who try to take those rights away. That is when we become intolerant.


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