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The Vegas Odds Are…..Trump Landslide

The Vegas Odds Are…..Trump Landslide

You might have heard of Wayne Allyn Root. He is a long time Vegas odds maker who correctly called the odds of Trump winning in 2016. He has a proven track record of calling odds correctly and was awarded a Las Vegas star on Las Vegas Blvd and there is even a  Wayne Allyn Root Day in the state. He is calling Trump the winner again in 2020 but this time by a electoral landslide. He believes Trump will grab more electoral votes than he did even in 2016. When so many were calling a Hillary Clinton landslide, Root was betting it would be Trump, and he was right. This time, he is putting all his chips on a Trump landslide.

He compares the current situation to the movie “Groundhog Day”. If you recall, in that movie, Bill Murray plays a character where he wakes up each day in a Déjà vu situation. The day repeats itself each time as the same as the previous day. Root goes on to describe that 2020 will be a Déjà vu repeat of 2020. Many indicators already back his theory up. In 2016 Trump was down in the polls as much as double digits. Poll after poll was saying he would lose. That is what we are seeing today in some polls but in some they  are showing the race with Biden as neck and neck or only down by a few percentage points.

One recent man on the street expose on YouTube, shows Californian’s don’t even know who Joe Biden is. Many guess he is a sports player of some sort when asked. With “Hiden Biden” rarely leaving his basement to campaign, he is essentially making himself a no-name contender. He is most likely following Hillary’s playbook of very limited interviews and appearances in order to prevent foot in mouth comments or to dance around tough questions on accomplishments. It didn’t work for her and it won’t work for Biden.

Root calls the current scenario the “Whisper Vote”. With all the accusations of racism being thrown around these days, there is a silent majority of those who are sick and tired of the riots but yet afraid of being called a racist for voting for Trump. We here at America Against Hollywood, should note that there has not been one example of Trump showing any sort of racism. It is just a adjective label that the liberal left wants to say over and over hoping it will stick against Trump. However, on the other hand, there are plenty of examples of Biden’s racism. Not only does he come from the party that wanted slavery, he also has repeatedly used the N word many times. He also authored the 94 crime bill that put many black men behind bars. He also recently added to his racism resume by saying voters who are unsure of voting for him then they “ain’t black”.

Root explains that he has talked with many people in democrat Nevada and other places where people are telling him they will be voting for Trump but not admitting to it publicly. He contined that the pollsters have wrong. He brings up a Taxi cab driver friend who asked riders who they will be voting for. Without judgment or cameras, they almost 100 percent admit they will be voting for Trump.

He describes how people wearing Trump hats are being beaten. He further mentions how people putting Trump signs in their yard are being shamed and destroyed by the liberal left protesters. He adds that people are losing their jobs for simply saying “All lives Matter”.

Here are some recent comments that he penned in a op-ed article. “Today, the liberal mob is destroying George Washington and Abraham Lincoln statues. It is setting fire to the Virgin Mary. It is looting and burning police stations. Democratic governors are preventing you from going to church. Democratic mayors are painting taxpayer-funded streets with “Black Lives Matter.” Here’s the best one of all: A museum curator has resigned for buying art pieces from white artists.

Today, you’re taking your job, career, business and life in your hands when you admit to anyone anywhere that you support Trump.

You still think those polls are accurate? You don’t see it coming? This is Groundhog Day. And Trump is Rocky Balboa.

Trump’s not just going to win. It’s going to be an electoral landslide. The silent majority isn’t just angry this time around. We’re out for blood. We want revenge for what liberals have done to our country and economy. We won’t forget or forgive. We’re silent now. But we will speak LOUDLY on Nov. 3.

I’m betting on it.”

Only time will tell if Trump wins by a landslide but others are calling it as well. We agree with Mr. Root that Trump is on his way to re-election. Anything you throw at him, he rises from the ashes to defeat his opponents.


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