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Titus O’Neil Tells All Colors To Come Together

Titus O’Neil Tells All Colors To Come Together

Titus O’Neil, AKA Thaddeus Michael Bullard Sr. is calling for all colors to come together. He is a true patriot. He wants the rioting and looting to stop and safety and calm restored. He asks that no matter what color you are, that we come together to solve the problems of today.

Titus a former University of Florida college football star, WWE wrestler icon and charity leader. A devout Christian and family man, O’Neil has helped hundreds of student athletes get into college. He helped lead corporate volunteers in reading books to children in after-school programs. Most notably, he used his personal story to inspire employees from all types of companies to volunteer, and taken part in United Way’s Walking School Bus program in at-risk neighborhoods by escorting children to school on foot to make sure they get there on time and can gain access to a healthy breakfast. Bullard hosts an annual Joy of Giving event, where he hands out toys to more than 1,000 children. He also visits children with cancer in various hospitals.

Now his latest movement is to help halt the chaos in so many cities. He held a news conference to call on all people from all walks of life to come together to come up with a plan to end the violence and come up with concrete plans that help communities become prosperous and racism free.

We believe you will be impressed what he has to say to all Americans. You can watch his news conference here.



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