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Tom Steyer Jumping Into 2020 Presidential Race

Oh boy, this is rich, pun-intended. Multibillionaire Tom Steyer has entered into the Democratic presidential race to unseat Donald Trump as a (get this) anti-influence populist. Cue the eye roll.

Mr. Steyer, a large Democratic donor himself, states in his intro video that he is going to fight against big money spending in politics, against influence of corporate interests to has taken over out system. Wow, he never meets this eco-corporate guy I know from California. They would not get along.

Steyer, who’s been leading the push for President Trumps impeachment claims that corporations took democracy away from the people, that it’s up to him to give it back!

“The way it was intended”

Meanwhile, Steyer has spent the last many years as one of the heavy spenders in influencing political elections, starting with his never-ending quest to end global warming. Keep in mind, he threatened to withhold money from many Democrats in Congress today if they didn’t support impeachment.

Now, here’s a guy who wants to mix things up!

I can’t imagine that he makes it very far as an extreme-leftist, especially a billionaire who claims the billionaires are ruining politics. This is some fresh irony, even by 2019 standards.

The only question now: Is Mr. Steyer allowed to donate to himself 130,000 times to get to the 3rd debate stage? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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