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USA Soccer Star To Trump “No way I’m going to the “f***ing” White House” Trump to USA Soccer Star “WIN first before you TALK”

Pixie-haired female soccer player Megan Rapinoe is making headlines during the Women’s World Cup, and its not even how about her soccer skills! What else could a soccer player possibly talk about?

Declining an invite to the White House before one was given, Ms. Rapinoe vulgarly explained that she would never go to visit Trump for his “backwards” policies against the LGBTQ+ community.

Trump responded (as Trump only can) by telling her she should probably first win the World Cup before expecting an invite to come over.

Rapinoe, who herself is a member of the LGBTQ community, has also been protesting the national anthem while in France for the World Cup, though has only responded to questions with requests of her own.

“What are you protesting?” asked one reporter.

“I need a more specific question,” responded the combative ball kicker.

U.S. soccer coach Jill Ellis attempted to defuse the conversation with verbal porridge.

“The personality of our players,” she said, is “the make up” of the team.

“We all support Megan,” she added. “We have each other’s backs.”

“This team has remarkable focus.”

“We’re just genuinely excited to be here,” she said.

Yum! Bland as it is ambiguous.

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