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Walk of Shame Award – CNN

Walk of Shame Award – CNN

CNN has continually showed bias and has been proven to publish #FakeNews continually and rarely retracts it. Their latest blatant bias was visible this week. As president Trump gave a historic, inspiring speech at Mount Rushmore on July 4th, CNN wanted to indoctrinate their viewers and slam Trump by calling Mount Rushmore a “monument of two slave owners” on “land wrestled [sic] away from Native Americans”. However, it is ironic that they sang a different tune when various other politicians visited the site including Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

For example, when Obama visited, CNN described Mount Rushmore as “Majestic” and “Quite a Sight” but mentioned nothing about slavery or steeling land from the Indians. In 2008, CNN’s Ron Marciano was on site and touted, “Barack Obama is campaigning in South Dakota… Obama arrived there late last night and got a good look around Mt. Rushmore — it’s quite a sight if you haven’t seen it.” In a tag team comment by CNN co-host, Betty Nguyen said, “Take a look at this. He got a good glimpse of the majestic Mount Rushmore.”

Fast forward to this last weekend when hypocrite fake news anchor Joe Johns said the following. “At a time of racial unease, when protesters are tearing down statues of slave holders and calling for the names of confederate generals to be removed from army bases, the Rushmore event is a reminder that Trump is fighting to preserve these relics of heritage and history that some see as symbols of oppression. And to indigenous people, Mount Rushmore, with four white presidents, two of whom were slave owners, is one of those symbols.

Hmm is he forgetting that there is another memorial being carved from a mountain that honors a Lakota leader? The Crazy Horse Memorial is only 16 miles away. It has been in the works by carving it into the mountainside during the last 70 years.

Then CNN interviewed another liberal reporter Stu Whitney of the Argus Leader but actually did not interview a Native American. Most Native Americans in the area support Mount Rushmore as well as the Crazy Horse memorial. Instead, they wanted to interview someone who has the same narrative as CNN that “white man bad”.

In the interview, Stu states “I think that there is a  source of concern….about a place that has a lot of spiritual significance and historical significance when you look at what they and most historians consider to be broken promises and broken treaties” This statement is strictly opinion and not fact based. There has been no legal activity on record to dispute that a treaty has been broken in the area.

To continue the biased narrative, CNN correspondent Leyla Santiago reported: “President Trump will be at Mt. Rushmore where he’ll be standing in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans told that be focusing on the effort to, quote, tear down our country’s history.”

She needs a fact check. Land ownership has evolved around the globe since the dawn of time. The Mount Rushmore area for example had people that crossed the Bearing Strait Land Bridge, a submerged landmass that once was above sea level, from present day Russia to North America. Those people were of Siberian ancestry. Fast forward to recent time, and we see that the land was owned by many different cultures. The Lakota are not innocent themselves. They stole the land from the Cheyenne, who in turn stole from the Kiowa, who in turn stole from the Pawnee, who in turn stole from the Crow, who in turn stole from the Arikara.  Even the Arikara invade the land from previous cultures. There were also man other tribes involved such as the Omaha. Many of the wars of Indian against Indian were very brutal. Some Indian cultures became extinct through the violence. No one is really to blame, it is called evolution and progress but at times it was bloody for sure. But if you are to blame the U.S. for taking land from the Lakota, then you must also hold the generations before accountable also.  It is worth noting that when the U.S. signed a treaty with the Lakota, they paid compensation and also land swap for the land. They were paid 50,000 dollars for 10 years starting in 1851. That was a great deal of money for the time period. The Lakota and the previous cultures simply took the land with no compensation or treaties.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, the king of #FakeNews and a proven hypocrite, gloated during Obama’s visit “fitting stop for a presidential contender” in 2008.

Most hypocritical commentary by CNN yet is when in 2016, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny called Mount Rushmore “monument to four great American Presidents” and Bernie himself said “this is our country at its very best,” called it an “incredible achievement,” and said it “really does make one very proud to be an American.” 

We here at will continue to call out CNN anchors (if that is what you really want to call them) as hypocrites every time they open their mouths.

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