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Walk of Shame Award – Dr. Rick Bright

This weeks Walk of Shame Award goes to a deep state fraud named Dr. Rick Bright. Please note, he is not a Dr. who can perform a live saving operation on you but rather just a Ph.D.

Most people didn’t even know who this weasel was until Sunday’s 60 Minutes episode gave him his 15 min of fame. The democrats will have you believe that he is the man who will bring down Donald Trump as they start yet another investigation into the presidents handling of the Chinese virus. This will be their third try at investigating Trump and will also be their third failure.The previously investigated Trump and Russian collusion and failed miserably as declassified testimony recently released shows it was actually the dems who had ties with Russia. They then lead a failed investigated and attempted impeachment of Trump over a call with the Ukraine but the Senate stopped them in their tracks. Now they are trying to investigate him over his handling of the virus and their star witness is Bright.  However,  you will soon see why he will help derail their third investigation.

Many people still don’t know who Dr. Rick Bright is because no one watches 60 minutes or CBS in general anymore.  Even America Idol (who has failed to succeed after leaving Fox) beat 60 minutes in ratings on Sunday.

Dr. Rick Bright is attempting to present himself as a “whistle blower” but actually  is showing himself as a disgruntled over paid government worker with deep state ties instead. 60 minutes tried to bolster his whistle blower persona by airing an interview with  him this past Sunday.  However it was his testimony before congress that exposed him for the fraud he is.

Bright who has never actually met Trump in person worked for the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). Bright claims the Trump admin was slow to respond to Covid and has caused the pandemic to spread. He filed a whistle blower complaint after he was transferred to National  Institutes of Health (NIH) which he is to lead  a new billion dollar program to saving lives and opening America back up. A health and human services spokesperson said “Bright has not yet shown up to work while using taxpayer-funded medical leave to work with partisan attorneys who  are politicizing the response to Covid_19”.

White house trade advisor Peter Navarro described Bright’s “sky is falling” warnings were not based in reality. He also was quick to note that Bright has refused to head the new billion dollar program to lead national testing for Covid. Instead he has remained at home on sick leave however he has made plenty of time to hit the Sunday news shows as well as take time to testify before congress.

Hero republican Rep. Mark Wayne Mullen of Oklahoma quickly exposed Bright for the fraud that he is. Mullen was able to get Bright to admit under testimony that he makes over $285,000.00 and has not reported to work for 4 weeks. He claims he is on leave for high blood pressure and hypertension related to his dismissal at BARDA. However, his salary stayed the same and he is now over a more prestigious position of leading the new billion dollar program at NIH. In a time where vast numbers of Americans lost their jobs due to Covid, the only wish they could be paid the exorbitant amount of $285 K and lead a billion dollar program and also take medical leave and not actually have to work for 4 weeks or more. Mullen was quick to point out that it was hard to understand that someone made that much in salary, who has taken medical leave for hypertension only to go on news circuits, file a whistle blower report and appear at a congressional  hearing all while being paid by tax payers. To sick to go to work but not too sick to appear for congress. He further pointed out that Bright’s hypertension was not evident while at BARDA where he lead a very stressful job of responding to a crisis but suddenly appears when transferred to a new role.

You can watch more of Mullen’s verbal beat down of Bright here on a segment from our friends at the Next News Network.

In most states this would be investigated  as disability fraud for someone claiming to be on medical leave yet making the rounds to various news shows to profit off of his slamming of the the very boss he works for, Secretary Alex Azar of the HHS. Obviously his own doctor does not agree with his hypertension diagnosis or his medical leave would be extended beyond a week. Instead, Bright had to switch over to using his vacation pay. When that runs out, lets see what his next move is.

For his fraudulent partisan profit making, we award this weeks Walk of Shame Award to Dr. Rick Bright (Ph.D, not a real Dr. even on TV).




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