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Walk of Shame Award: Elizabeth Warren Is Not Only A Fauxcahontas, She Is Also A Fauxfeminist

Walk of Shame Award: Elizabeth Warren Is Not Only A Fauxcahontas, She Is Also A Fauxfeminist

Elizabeth Warren would like for you to believe many things about her. She would like you to believe that she is a Native American because her grandmother told her so. After initially declining to take a DNA test and then caving in to public furor, she did take it and the DNA test results embarrassingly proved that she “possibly” had a relative who was Native American over 10 generations ago. It could not be confirmed though because DNA from modern early Americans is much different than what we see in Europe today. In other words, not only could she not be tied to the American Indians specifically, she is not a member of any tribe.

Her faux resume is continuing to grow. Elizabeth has been a typical politician telling people what they want to hear in order for more votes. She has also padded her background to get jobs that she would not normally receive. On her campaign trail she inflated her background to an attempt to shine above the other candidates. Here are just a few doozies she has told. She once claimed that she was the first “nursing mother” to take the bar exam in New Jersey, which NJ does not keep those types of records. She lied about being a single mom while meeting her second husband but she was not even divorced from her first and he was still supporting her. She told another tall tale that she was fired by her boss for finding out that she was pregnant but it was proven she actually walked away from the job and was not even fired. On top of that, the records from the NJ Board of Education show that they accepted her resignation “with regret”.

We now add Fauxfeminist to her list. Case in point,  Elizabeth Warren has become the face of feminism in the democratic party. She says she will fight for women’s rights. She even told a story about how one of her challengers in this years race to become the democrat presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders, once told her that a woman would never become president which was flatly denied by Bernie. She basically used the story to garner women voters. She also went after Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation before the Senate. She said that all women should be heard and believed when they come forward with an accusation of sexual assault. She was unrelenting in her trashing of a man who never had his day in court to prove his innocence. Additionally, his accusers story Christine Blasey Ford, never had proof, did not tell anyone of file a complaint, could not remember dates or locations and no other witnesses or legitimate accusers came forward.

Now the tables have turned and have put Fauxfeminist Elizabeth Warren in a ironic position. Tara Reade, a former Biden senate staffer, has come forward with a criminal sexual assault claim against Joe Biden the democrat nominee for president.  Additionally, 10 other women have come forward with accusations of unwanted sexual advances by Biden. The list keeps growing and is putting Biden in potential danger as a candidate.

This week, Elizabeth Warren was asked by a reporter if she believes the Tara Reade allegations and if it should be investigated. Keep in mind that Warren has continually said “#believe” all victims and that they should be heard. However, her response to the reporter proves she is no feminist and it will anger you as it should. Her response was “I saw the reports of what Ms. Reade said, I saw an interview with (former) Vice president Biden. I appreciate that the vice president took a lot of questions (from his basement we might add), tough questions. And he answered them directly and respectfully. The vice president’s answers were credible and convincing.”

So when Kavanaugh provided direct answers of denial of assaulting CBF, why did Warren not equally believe him? Why is Warren taking Biden’s word as truth when he read from a teleprompter from his basement during an interview where questions were provided to him in advance?  She believes Biden to be credible because she knows that if the accusation is true, it will end his chances at winning the presidency. We should also note that CBF never pressed criminal charges against Kavanaugh because most courts would have thrown the case out as hearsay since there was no evidence, no corroboration or no witnesses. However Tara Reade has filed a criminal complaint, has quite a few witnesses and a documented taped Larry King episode backing up her story on the dates it occurred.

We here at America Against Hollywood award Elizabeth Warren the Walk of Shame Award for her Fauxfeminism for believing Biden over the victim of assault, Tara Reade. If she was a true feminist, she would ask that the case move forward in the courts without judgment until a verdict is reached. She might also initiate a investigation in the Senate and ask that Biden release all of his senate records related to sexual assault accusations by Reade and others in the past.

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