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Walk of Shame Awarded to Bad Celebrity Parent Ali Wentworth

Walk of Shame Awarded to Bad Celebrity Parent Ali Wentworth

Ali Wentworth! Who is that you might say? She is an actress. What movie has she been in? Nothing great for sure. Mostly B level acting jobs on non-reoccurring roles for TV shows. Oh she did a small role in an actual movie you might have seen called Jerry Maguire. Like we said, nothing memorable. We really had not heard of her either but still she is a leftist loon worth writing an article about after her incredibly bad advice she gave to parents this week.

You might recognize her more by the fact she is married to George Stephanopoulos. What? Isn’t he gay? That’s what many thought (or still do), even Ali herself. You can listen to her describe in her own words, her first impression of thinking George was gay here. Many rumors have swirled in his time in the Clinton White House and also after, that he might be gay. She does through in a disclaimer that “he is anything but gay” though.  We at would like to point out that just because your married and have kids, does not mean your not gay. Just sayin!

Anyways, back to Ali. She mentioned in a recent interview that she would sit down and view porn with her two children both whom are girls. Yes, you heard that right. She would sit down with her daughters, who are only 17 and 15 years old, to watch porn. That is just plain creepy. I remember the days that people had to hide porn from their parents. Now we have a mother that wants to watch it with you.  She elaborated that “You can’t stop them, so I would watch it with them. I would look at the porn with them that one time, like, ‘They’re performing.’

It is just plain odd that a mom would want to sit and watch porn with her kids. You can discuss what you want to tell your kids about the dangers of porn objectifying women but you don’t need to actually sit down with them and watch one. She might also want to wait till they are a little older. She also states “you can’t stop them”. If she is using good parenting skills, she should be ensuring that her kids are not watching porn at all. Has she not heard of parental controls on phones and computers? Maybe she could even lead by example by not being so fixated on sex herself.

She has made waves before by telling people about her sex life with George over and over. She even has admitted she has lost friends from telling so much. She says they have sex two times per day. Often they will get home after work and put the kids in front of the TV while they head to the bedroom. We here at love romantic couples and realize a healthy sex life is important but couldn’t they wait till after the kids went to bed? It also sounds like too much info by touting so much.  Is she trying to cover up more rumors?

Only time will tell.

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