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Walk of Shame Awarded Yet Again to AOC

Walk of Shame Awarded Yet Again to AOC

The only person on the planet with more gaffes than Joe Biden is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The socialist rep has made many jaw dropping gaffes, hypocrisies and stated all around goofy ideas.  We would like to say that her district of Brooklyn should be worried but since her election to Congress, it impacts the whole U.S. instead.

Famous for not knowing what a garbage disposal is, dancing like an idiot on rooftops or her late night drunk facebook live sessions, AOC is also a proven hypocrite. Basically she ran for congress to be like all other professional career politicians in congress, for the benefits. If we really want to overall the welfare program, we should start with the benefits that politicians receive.

So now that AOC is making some serious dough as a congresswoman we find out what a hypocrite she is. Rather than donate her salary to charity she promotes taxing the rich (like herself). Now we find out that she is actually seven years behind in taxes. AOC started a failing business called Brook Avenue Press in 2012 with intentions to showcase artists and writers in urban cities. However, she was such a failure at her venture that the state had to step in and force dissolve her business venture. Apparently the state steps in when a business doesn’t pay corporate taxes (yeah the same ones she believes evil corporations should pay). Furthermore, the IRS filed a tax warrant against her and her business over a unpaid debt of $1,618.36. Sorry but if you cant afford that lil amount, you should not be in congress making laws about taxation.

It has now been seven long years that the debt has been unpaid. But of course, AOC is not taking responsibility and is actually contesting the very small amount rather than just pay it. Keep in mind she now makes over $180,000 per year and just voted herself a pay raise along with all the other democrats during the last Covid stimulus bill. Ironic isn’t it? Huge sums of Americans are losing jobs and are unemployed but she sees fit to give herself a pay raise.

For this “Socialist Shyster”, we award AOC this weeks Walk of Shame Award. If your in the Bronx and your as angry as the rest of us are, please support her challengers and give her the boot.


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