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We Call Out The Hypocrites Even While Others Try To Defend Them

We Call Out The Hypocrites Even While Others Try To Defend Them

It is amazing how the fake news media has evolved in recent years. They have always been accused of pushing a narrative but back in the day, they at least provided facts.  Those facts were often dug up during opposition research but at least they were mostly true facts. Now days, the “facts” are simply made up. The journalists of today have simply become lazy at their jobs and are typically a mouth piece promoting propaganda that they personally agree with. Journalists previously tried to dig up dirt on candidates whom they disliked in an effort to promote one candidate over another.  Today, they simply make stuff up like the whole Russia collusion narrative. When Richard Grenell declassified sworn testimonies of key Obama White House democrats under oath, it showed that each and every democrat stated there was no collusion evidence linking Trump to Russia. Further released documents prove that items were leaked to favorable members of the press who helped push the narrative. In other words, the media helped push the false story to its audience without any facts.

You will notice, the media tends to quote “inside sources” or utilizes sources who say the same talking points over and over. Inside sources really means purposely leaked Intel to sway public opinion. Do you ever notice that the media and liberal politicians use the same exact words to describe someone like President Trump over and over? Those like Mysogynist, Islamaphobe, Homophobe, etc. Its done on purpose. Through repetition they hope it will stick in the public’s mind and that they will believe it. Often it does. Really, when did anyone other than a English professor ever hear of the word mysogynist? Today, every single liberal politician and fake news media suddenly use it 24 7. Even social media users who are often uneducated use the same exact words. Either they are extremely lazy at not being able to open a thesaurus to come up with another word or they are using the word purposely to sway opinion. Americans should really question the legitimacy of any article or politician using the same adjectives over and over.  Also note that these are strictly opinionated adjectives and not facts. We as Americans should question opinions and pay attention more to the facts.

Let’s go back in time though. The year was 1988. Joe Biden was already in politics for more than 20 years when he first ran for New Castle County Council and won. Now he was running for the first time of many for the president of the United States. The media began to question him as he rose in the polls for the democrat candidate for president. You see, the media at the time wanted someone to run against President George Herbert Walker Bush. They were pulling for Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. They believed the state of all states that could sway an election was Massachusetts. After all the state is one of the first and most important of primary states. Therefore, they believed it would ensure a victory over H.W. Bush.

In order to defeat the threat of Joe Biden, they immediately went diving into his closet for skeletons. When they did, they found many. So many that Biden had to withdraw from the contest even before the first primary was held. They found plagiarism on many occasions of other politician’s speeches among other things like padding his resume. He stole almost word for word from other speeches on many occasions. He even plagiarized president John F. Kennedy. Biden, like today’s  media reporters,  was too lazy to even change a word or two in the speeches. Had he opened a thesaurus, he might have got away with the plagiarism as just coincidence. He even had to admit that he plagiarized as far back as law school while writing a paper for one of his classes. Once it was brought to the attention to the professor, he was given a grade of F.  His comment when it was exposed in the media was “I have done some dumb things and I will do dumb things again”.  We at found one thing we could agree with him on.

He even plagiarized his record in law school after being caught plagiarizing a paper. At a 1988 campaign event, he first said he went to law school on a full academic scholarship, second he said he was the only one in his class who attended on a full academic scholarship, third he stated he graduated in the top half of his law class, fourth he was the outstanding student of the political science department, fifth he stated he graduated with 3 degrees. All were in fact not true. Joe Biden himself was a “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Solder”. He had to release a statement that he did not in fact graduate in the top half of his law school, did not have  3 degrees, and was not named outstanding political science student. Newsweek found that Biden went to school on a half scholarship, ended up near the bottom of his class (ranked only 76 in just a class of 85 at the University of Syracuse Law School), and only earned 1 degree.

Today he is at it again. He has plagiarized President’s Trump America First Campaign by bringing jobs back to the U.S. and for promoting buy American.  Heck he has even plagiarized Bernie Sanders by coming out more socialist than Bernie himself. Bernie has endorsed the plagiarism of his work though in hopes that Biden will appoint him to his staff. But realistically, where is the media today to call Biden out on his plagiarism that is occurring 50 years latter as he attempts another presidential run? You won’t because the liberal media is lazy and they won’t do any research. Even though in today’s time we have search algorithms that can search thousands of documents and videos per millisecond to compare speeches today against those already given in the past. Also, they are trying to cover up for Biden as he is there man they want to win.

We have one question for our readers, If Joe Biden has been lying over the last 50 years, what makes us think he will not lie as president if elected? Just some food for thought.

We invite you to watch the below video by Dinesh D’Souza who put together a montage of Biden lies where the media did its job in exposing him unlike the media of today.


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