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Who Will Pocahontas Endorse?

Who Will Pocahontas Endorse?

Liz to test Bernie and Biden to see which has more Native American DNA

By Dave Jeffers AAH contributor

Breaking news today is that Liz “Pocahontas” Warren is dropping out of the presidential race after a humiliating defeat on Super Tuesday. Her massive loss at “Little BigSuperTuesday” that would have made Chief Sitting Bull embarrassed. She didn’t win a single delegate. Oh wait, he would have been very happy that she lost because of her ancestry.

After all, she is still falsely claiming to be of Indian ancestry.  Not surprisingly, it was discovered after a DNA test, that not only was she not of Indian descent, but her ancestors actually rounded up Cherokees for the Trail of Tears. She is a direct descendant of militia that fought the Seminole Tribe and almost made their tribe extinct. Her great great grandfather, Jonathan Crawford rounded up Cherokees and placed them in government stockades. It is no wonder that over 200 influential Native Americans recently signed a letter asking her to admit that she is not Indian.

Ironically, she bashes President Trump for separating illegal children from adult illegals in detention centers even though it was President Obama who started the process. She didn’t seem to mind when Obama was doing this for eight years. It is note worthy to mention that whether you agree or disagree with separating children from adults being detained for illegal activity, it is a process that is performed in almost all countries around the world that when an adult commits a crime, their children are not housed with them when they are detained or sentenced. We are also finding after DNA tests that many of the illegal children are not even related to the adults they illegally crossed the boarder with.

But back to Liz. She suffered one of the most humiliating defeats for any candidate on a Super Tuesday. Furthermore, in her own home state of Massachusetts she came in third place. Even her own very liberal and socialist state did not want her. Not only that, but she could only garner a lousy 21 percent of the vote. Instead it went to a much more moderate Biden.

In her little mind, she thought she would be the next president. She wasn’t going to make it very far though with such major lies as her false ancestry, extreme socialist ideas and when she was caught on a nationally televised hot mic squabbling with Bernie Sanders after a debate. In that squabble, Bernie apparently mentioned that a woman would not win the 2020 presidential election. It was a he said, she said claim. He denied saying it and she was caught asking him if he was calling her a liar. Apparently, if he did say it, he was right. After all, the democratic party has narrowed down to two old grumpy white men. One who is a cranky socialist and the other who is a senile pervert.

Now Liz is in a jam. She now needs to decide who she endorses. Our bet is Biden even though Bernie is a clone to her socialist ideas. But to make her decision easier, perhaps she should perform a DNA test on both Biden and Bernie to see who has more Native American ancestry.

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