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Woah Mark Kelly Pics Released Showing Him Dressed As Hitler

How many times have you hears democrats describe Trump or his supporters as Nazi’s. However, anyone with knowledge of factual history knows that the German word Nazi literally means the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP). Hmmm sound familiar? The democrat party self admits that they are socialist. Therefore, the closest party to the Nazi’s are the democrats themselves. Democrats use the term Nazi as a adjective to describe anyone who disagrees with their extreme socialist ideas.

It is a play right out of their handbook. For years, they have successfully used nasty adjectives to label their opponents rather than provide any FACTS. This has swayed many votes over the years. You see, people are traditionally too lazy to research on their own. They have historically relied on the dems to tell them how to vote and how evil the republican party is. All in all, the democrats have run the most successful marketing campaign for over 100 years or more. People are waking up though. They are now beginning to question what they are being told. For years and years, the media has been controlled by just 9 companies.  Before cable, Americans had to rely on just three networks for their news and not surprising, they were all liberal media outlets. As cable was introduced, they began to have competition but again they were run by liberals. Now you see that most media outlets, new papers, networks, cable news, magazines, are all under the umbrella of just 9 companies like Time Warner for example.

The internet has changed all of that. Now there are literally thousands of new news sources that have grown into mega outlets. This change has killed the networks and is putting a dent in the fake news media. It is being reported that CNN has lost over 150 million in revenue over the last year alone as viewership declines faster than the sinking Titanic. With the development  of social media, Americans can now get breaking news updates within seconds rather than wait for nightly news programs. Stories that once lasted weeks in the headlines are now changing to news cycles that change within minutes. We are now seeing social media giants (run by liberals) censor news to combat the fast news cycles. However, by the time they “fact check” which is another word for censorship, a news story can be shared on many platforms and reach millions within seconds. Not only that, but once stories are released on the internet, they are essentially there forever. Liberals can now be fact checked themselves. We see many who have flip flopped on issues depending on what voter demographics they are talking to. But within seconds, Americans can pull up old video or audio footage to confirm facts.

So it is no wonder when liberals who have called Republicans racists, xenophobes, misogynists, Nazi’s, etc. are now actually being exposed for the hypocrites they truly are. Weather it is Joe Biden who repeatedly used the “N” word to describe blacks or Gov Ralph Northam or the view’s Joe Behar wearing black face, or Hillary Clinton saying she opposed gay marriage and rights but then says she has always been for gay rights when she noticed they are a significant voting block . Now we have a new example. Case in point, National File has discovered old year book photos of Mark Kelly, a democrat senate candidate running in Arizona, dressed as Hitler. He has officially not commented on the story yet but you can bet he will somehow put a spin on why he did it.

Lets see how this story unfolds over the next few days and if voters will wake up and realize they hypocrite he is. Not only that, voters should know that he amassed his fortune by working with the Chinese Communist government. Let that sink in. In other words, voters should send a loud message to Mark to not “Chinese Communist our Country” and reject him at the ballot box. Now we have another reason, that he glorified Hitler by dressing as him at a party. Not as a high school youngster but as a adult in the Merchant Marine Academy. You can read more here. Spread the word about this vile candidate.

Imagine if Donald Trump had been caught doing this, it would be the end of the world. Riots everywhere burning down cities.

Oh and by the way, if you have seen any of his campaign ads, you will see he touts he was the commander of a space shuttle mission but that is his only political experience. Sorry leading a space shuttle mission does not make you a hero or worthy of leading a country as a senator. He is no better than any airline pilot. However, worth mentioning, Buzz Aldren a true space hero and icon has come out and endorsed his opponent, Senator Martha Mc Sally who was the first female fighter pilot has has quite a few years experience as a leader in both the house and the senate.


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